What’s in a name? That which we call a Rose.
By any other name would smell so sweet.
{Romeo and Juliet (11, ii, 1-2)}

What’s in a name you would say?
The bard has so much to say on this and I would not try to mix Punjabi and English but my Pind has these interesting names which would get your goat too. The morning starts with people walking in from all walks of life and asking for some kind of help and they are perpetually scared to visit the government officials to expedite their work. Well, yesterday was no less. I was enjoying my cup of tea (endless cups by the way) that the bell rang. I went outside expecting a bunch of old women who would have their list of ailments ranging from PP (BP – blood pressure, that is), dil da daura being fast and, even gas.

A tall man with a flowing beard with kajjal in his eyes asked to meet Daarji, my father-in-law. Guess, his name —Phannii.
Phannii urf Funny, seriously wanted to meet Daarji so that he could discuss potatoes. A serious discussion on potatoes with a man named Phannii/Funny. Funny Singh is a responsible citizen of Pind Q who works on the farm, knows his business and is called by old and young as Funny. The catch or the sweetness of the situation is that nobody, I mean nobody, knows what Funny literally means.
In this world where we all are seeking an identity, a name what would you say about someone who is tall and strapping, wears kajjal and is called Funny?
Smile, please.