Study at Anād

‘to being in a state of spring, awe and content.

29 thoughts on “Study at Anād”

  1. Navpreet Singh said:

    Is music taught at Anad? Sikh music in specific. I am a music aspirant. My name is Navpreet, i am 18 years old. I am learning the Tanti Saaz Dilruba/Taus in Chandigarh. I would like to expand my learning and refine it by learning from such great Ustads.

  2. Jagtar Singh said:

    GurFateh. My Name is Jagtar Singh from Hamburg Germany, I am 23 years old and have started to study Kirtan. My innermost wish is to learn puratan Kirtan as it was taught by Guru Ji Maharaj and the very beautiful sounding rabab. Is there somebody, who teaches Rabab at the Anad foundation. Please let me know who to get in contact with.

    Jagtar Singh

  3. Arvinder Singh said:

    i want to learn rabab and taus
    can you teach me

  4. Navpreet Singh said:

    I a tanyti Saaz Student.I need to procure a Taus made under Bhai Baldeep Ji’s guidelines and inspection. Kindly help me. Been looking for an Instrument for two years now. I am desparate now.

  5. Navpreet Singh said:

    Waiting for a reply…
    seems you are busy doing seva to the mankind.
    no problem…i can wait more…

  6. Ajaipal Singh said:

    Sat Sri Akaal Bhaisaab !

    Let me not delay in telling you that I’m a great fan of yours , your personality is very appealing. I just love the way you wear your turban.
    You’re blessed with such an art which immediately distinguishes you from the common/ers. May this uniqueness be blessed and protected forever and ever by Almighty’s grace.
    Bhaisaab I share quite many interests with you,but never got a chance to learn and polish the skill formally under Guru’s guidance. Also since nobody in the family had an art orientation,it was not inculcated in my childhood. Now feels that if life is not wasted and invested in such interests,the fruit of it will nourish the soul from within,and it will be a lot livable than it is now.
    I’m 30 yrs old,with no knowledge of music and polluted with worldly thoughts. Can I be taught from the beginning after wiping out the dirt accumulated? I would love to be your student !

  7. Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa,
    Vaheguru Ji Kee Fateh.

    Bhai Sahib Ji were are you teaching ?

  8. Nidchsyjit singh said:

    Sat shri akal ji my name is nischayjit singh. I am from mississauga canada. I want to learn rabab.plz guide me.

  9. Surinder Singh said:

    I am interested to learn rabab

  10. Gurjot singh said:

    I want to learn the dhuni which are in guru granth sahib pls help me

  11. Simrandeep Singh said:

    Hi, i want to learn puratan kirtan. I am already learning tabla from Ustad Joginder singh ji.. Please help.

  12. Sat Sri Akal
    i am keen on learning Kirtan. Could you teach me, please?

  13. nischayjit singh said:

    Sat shri akal ji

    Was wondering if online classes are available?

  14. Mantej Singh said:


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