Anād Foundation Internship Programmes

In the fields of audio-restoration, audio-visual library, luthiery (musical instrument making), masonry, carpentry, architecture and design, architectural conservation, journalism, graphics design, musicology, health-care…

7 thoughts on “Anād Foundation Internship Programmes”

  1. Jugraj singh said:

    when this program be started and how to apply ?

  2. Paridhi singh said:

    What is this internship programme ??

  3. Hello , I am available on Wednesdays and Sundays , Can I join you for your 2 days a Week Programme ?

  4. jasmeet singh said:

    i want to learn to play pakhawaj and jori…should i join ur programme for this…n i also want to meet bhai baldeep singh ji to get their blessings.

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