Manu Seen

Pandit Manu Kumar Seen is an internationally-established artist and one of the finest sitarists of the younger generation. He is fortunate to study sitar under the world-renowned sitarist, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan of the Etāwah Gharāna. Pt. Seen is well known for his technical mastery and extremely energetic, vibrant and soulful sitar playing. Before being initiated into sitar playing, he was introduced to vocal music and tabla by his father, Sangeet Acharya Lachhman Singh Seen, a legendary musician of Punjab Gharāna.    

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He founded a Music Institution “Sangeet Vilas” in 1950 which is presently run by Pt. Manu Seen. In the adolescent years, his unique passion for playing melodies on the sitar was noticed by connoisseurs of music. Ever since his student age he has been winning a score of prestigious medals and awards. He has successfully completed Master’s Degree in English Literature and in Music with Gold medal from Guru Nanak Dev University. Pt. Manu Seen is a Top grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has a number of audio–video CDs to his credit. Pt. Seen is well known for his electrifying and vibrant Sitar performance.