1. Bhai Baldeep Singh          Chairman and Managing Trustee
  2. Ashmita Lucktoo               Executive Assistant, Administration
  3. Jatinder Pal Singh             Executive Assistant, Office of the Chairman
  4. Gurshabadjeet Singh        Programme Development Associate

Honorary Secretaries

  1. Dr. Preeti Ahuja                                     Programmes
  2. Col. P. S. Pental (Retd.)                       Administration
  3. Bhayee Sikandar Singh Bagrian      Heritage

Honorary Design Team

  1. Banipreet Kaur              Writer
  2. Kamleshwar Singh      Graphic designer and caricature artist
  3. Gurliv Singh                   Photography & Documentation

Audio Restoration

  1. David Louis Ball (Seva)
  2. Nikkhil Beri

Films, Photography and Documentation

  1. Harnav Bir Singh, Executive Assistant, Photo Division
  2. Manpreet Singh Khalsa, Team Leader, Archives & Documentation 
  3. Jasbir Singh Bhatti, Executive Assistant, Films Division
  4. Gagan Kaur
  5. Sarabjeet S Babra
  6. Sarabjit Singh Dhillon
  7. Inderjit Singh Dhillon
  8. Antonio Dolce, Volunteer, Audio Division


  1. Jatinder Singh Bhamra   Assistant Supervisor (Civil Works), Site Office, Qila Sultanpur Lodhi
  2. Raj Kumar (Raju)             Cook, Site Office, Qila Sultanpur Lodhi
  3. Harjinder Singh                Guard, Site Office, Qila Sultanpur Lodhi
  4. Sobha Kumari                   Cleaning, Site Office, Qila Sultanpur Lodhi
  5. Girdhari Lal                       Garderner, Site Office, Qila Sultanpur Lodhi
  6. Guddu (Shailender)         Office Attendant, Anad Foundation HO (Since 2013)
  7. Shardha Mangar              Cook, Anad Foundation HO (Since 2015)

We are grateful to our former colleagues who have served at Anad Foundation over the last few years:

  1. Gurjot Singh, Project Architect (2007-2011)
  2. Harpreet Kaur, Architect
  3. Avideep Kaur Mahal, Executive Director (2012-2013)
  4. Preetinder Singh, Manager Co-ordination and Public Relations
  5. Priyanka Kukreti Vattal, Country Head, Planning and Implementation (2011)
  6. Arjun Bedi, Film Editor (2001-2008)
  7. Ramesh, Gardener
  8. Guddu (Shailender), Office Attendant (2005-2010)
  9. Vivek Kumar, Driver
  10. Akshay Sharma, Films & Documentation
  11. Manpreet Singh Khalsa, Photography (2012)
  12. Gulzar Singh, Guard, Site Office, Qila Sultanpur Lodhi
  13. Parminder Singh Bhamra, Office Manager, Head Office, New Delhi
  14. Manleen SandhuCultural Research Coordinator and Fundraising Manager
  15. Sarup Singh, Office Superintendent (Volunteer)
  16. Uma Shankar, Audio Restoration
  17. Amrit Pal Singh, Web Designer
  18. Tejinder Pal Singh, Intern, Office of the Chairman
  19. Mohinder Singh, Office Accountant, Sultanpur Lodhi

2 thoughts on “Team”

  1. Chetan Rai Wahi said:

    I wish to join this foundation. I am a great follower of Bhai Ji and the steps which he is taking to revive Sikh culture and tradition which was originally started by the gurus.

    I wish to hear soon, i will be really very grateful and obliged.

    Chetan Rai Wahi

  2. Amandeep Singh said:

    I think mentioning each and every person employee name regardless of designation is awesome and no other person do that. This shows kind and loving heart with no discrimination.

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