Anād is that without beginning. Rather, that whose beginning we cannot fathom, or grasp in the recesses of our mind. In another sense, it is that which we may relish, in it’s continuum, and touch in it’s ever-resonant passage. Anād Foundation’s mission is to provide a structure of support and nourish that continuum in the sphere of arts and music, and for this, we seek your hand.

With ‘Friends of Anād’ that we have fondly christened as “Yaar-Anād”, we aim to provide a platform for all the music aficionados to come together as well as appreciate Classical Music and Fine Arts. In totality, “Yaar-Anād” is an Anād Foundation support group that works as a fulcrum to the programs of the Foundation. With “Yaar-Anād”, we are creating a homogenous, yet diverse, group of well wishers who care for Fine Arts and Culture and are in sync with the vision of Anād Foundation, that is to celebrate and sustain excellence in all relevant fields of tangible and intangible heritage. “Yaar-Anād” is a privileged group, and members of this elite group have an open invitation to all our concerts, symposiums on poetry, arts, history and all the Bhakti-Sammelans organized by the Anād Foundation. We also seek their suggestions from time to time to further this core mission.

If you would like to become a Yaar-Anād member, please click on the link below to contact us:

More to follow…

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