Pandit Prem Kumar Mallick

One of the oldest tradition of musicians since 18th century, the  Dhrupad tradition of Darbhanga and the Mallick family-they both are one & the same thing. Pandit Prem Kumar Mallick belongs to the illustrious musical family of Darbhanga Gharāna and represents the 12th generation of this musical lineage. His training in Dhrupad-Dhamār started at an early age under the guidance of his father late Pt. Vidur Mallick, the Dhrupad maestro. He had the opportunity of learning from his grandfather Pt. Sukhdev Mallick, the renowned Dhrupad singer.     

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The long-lived tradition of the Dhrupad lineage of Darbhanga is embodied in the stunning form of his Alapa (music), the incessant flow of the Laya (rhythm) joined with the finest literature (poetry). His recital is marked for the unique, rich repertory of compositions, the use of Khandārbāni and Gauharbāni besides variety of intricate Layakarīs & Tihayīs. The flawless manner of his bringing out the nuances of Ragas shows how the rigorous training has contributed in making him the consummate artist that he is. Pt. Mallick has been mastered not only in Dhrupad but also in Khayāl, Thumri-Dādra, Tappa & melodious Bhajans.

He is a ‘Top Grade’ artist in Dhrupad Vocal, the highest ranking given by All India Radio & TV and also a well known ‘A’ Grade artist in Hindustani Classical Vocal of All India Radio & Television.