Punj-Care Initiatives

The Anad Foundation, in addition to its focus on the conservation of cultural heritage of South Asia, also aims at providing health-care and healing to the under-served communities as well as to engage in humanitarian and disaster relief. Bhai Baldeep Singh founded Punj-Care Initiatives to tackle the health problems and its lack of awareness among people residing in rural India by taking quality health-care and awareness to the poor and the under-served with nil or limited access to it.

Punj-Care is proud to have Dental Surgeons Association of India (DSAI) as one of its first partners in this endeavour. Anad plans to set up dental health clinics in every district in collaboration with already established DSAI member Dental Clinics and NGO’s in Punjab.

The Anad Foundation will also begin a fund-raising campaign to help sponsor Mobile Clinics (MC) and Mobile Trauma Clinics (MTC). These MC’s and MTC’s will ply in remote areas of Punjab reaching out to the under-served with nil or very little access to health care facilities. As part of this initiative to extend health-care to the remote areas of Punjab, to begin with, we will be tying up with various Medical Colleges in the region. Such a tie-up will benefit not only the health-care needy around the state but also benefit the doctors and interns by way of supplementing their respective case studies and field research. Each mobile unit will have up to fully equipped four chambers to provide quality health-care especially in the fields of dentistry, oncology, gynaecology, nutrition, alternative medicine and general health.

Punj-Care shall also provide Oral Health Care to religious leaders such as Qazis, Mullahs, Qawwals, Pandits, Christian Priests, Sikh Ragis, Kathakars, Granthis, Dhadhis as well as folk and Indian Classical music exponents on cost-to-cost basis or gratis, in collaboration with their respective parent institutions whenever necessary. This initiative is bound to help create more awareness about Oral Health among the general public.

A Punj-Care Helpline and a dedicated website are also in the pipeline, which once installed will enable patients to directly get in touch with the doctors. The helpline will allow the patients to register and take appointments at their own convenience. The website shall have regular updates about the Punj-Care Initiatives.

Pensioners living below the poverty line would be given free health checkups as well as dentures by the Punj-Care and its partners while schools and educational institutions would be targeted to raise awareness regarding health-care problems in children and adolescents. Owing to an alarming increase in number of patients suffering from diseases including diabetes, oral cancer, depression, etc., the Punj-Care offers to organize talks and discussions across the state to raise awareness and discourage people from taking drugs and alcohol. Punj-Care will encourage doctors and dental surgeons across the state to use good quality medicines and restorative materials. Punj-Care is particularly concerned about rampant use of cheap restorative materials which are known to be harmful and even carcinogenic.

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