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About Wanhee Ji

My name is Wanhee Ji. I am a student of Vasant Valley School and I study in class 11. I am a South Korean but I was born and raised in New Delhi. I was born on 24th September 1996. I am 15 years old. I have a family consisting of 6 members including myself. I love eating and shopping but I also try to read during my free time. I am passionate about art and I like playing sports like hockey and softball. I am interested in fields of architecture, sociology and history and would like to pursue these subjects in future. My main motive in life is enjoy the present. Like Lucius Annaeus Seneca quoted ‘True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future’.

Date: 19th May 2012

Yesterday was the beginning of the internship that I had opted for. Well, I was very excited and was looking forward to this day. In fact, I had arrived 15 minutes with great anticipation. I entered the doors of the office, looking forward to an exciting day. We were briefed about the Anad Foundation and its responsibilities. Mr. Bhai Baldeep Singh had given an introduction about the foundation and of course, himself. He told us the importance of logging and how it would help us also in future. During the first half of the day, we were briefed on documentation and compostitions. A really interesting line left an impact in my mind –“ stories make their own people”. Personally, I thought that this line made me think twice. I learnt that in documentaries the actual focus lies on the people and not the story.

At around 10am we were asked to research on the Anad Foundation. We learnt about what the functions of this foundation. Its activites and projects, support groups etc. I was enlightened to know the true meaning behind the word- ‘ANAD’. Through this discussion we were told that proposal writing is very important as it is needed for any career that you take up in future. Whether it is designing or media or just an ordinary business, proposals always come in use. Bhai Baldeep Singh also stated a very interesting line- “the world is full of beggars” and “bigger the company, bigger the beggars”. Well, our first question to him was ‘How is Bill Gates a beggar?’ He explained to us that bigger the company, the more profits it would want to earn. In this way the production would increase and businessmen would want more customers to engage with their products. His explanation illuminated my mind.

Later, a very admired man named Mr. K. J. Singh and his son who had come to speak about Rigveda. He enlightened us by telling us how Rigveda was written on the banks of the river Satluj. I was fascinated by many other facts that he taught us. After a long working day, I headed back home.

Date: 20th May 2012

I was late for the internship today. Bhai Baldeep Singh questioned us if we had completed our research on the foundation. I felt a little more comfortable today as I had some idea about the Anad Foundation through this research. I felt like an actual employee of this foundation. We started our day with a discussion on tangible and intangible heritage. He stated that the intangible cannot be passed on if you die. He gave us an example of a composition and how it needs to be composed and then sung man times in order to perfect it. We were explained that intangible heritage cannot be seen or touched but can be heard and responded to. While attempting to conserve the intangible, one must only use those tools that exist in the realms of the intangible.

We were served with remarkable and stunning food made by Mr.Singh’s wife. The pasta was indeed very good. After dinner, our main course was accompanied by a breathtaking tiramisu. I really enjoyed eating today and if I would get an opportunity to eat it again, I would certainly go for it.

Later in the afternoon, Mr. Ashok Lal, a very admirable architect had taken time out to enlighten us about how architecture and heritage have a relation. He stated that making things should look beautiful and recapture beauty. For new architecture, multiple needs must be reduced. He told us about various houses that he has made and what really interested me was the eco-friendly house that he had constructed in North Delhi, civil lines.

Date: 21st May 2012

The day started off very well. We were introduced to Bhai Baldeep Singh’s sword and dagger collections. He showed us the various techniques and usage of each sword/dagger. We were shown Golliya, Saif, Khanda (during Akbar’s reign), Sarohi, Sehithi, Pesh-kabaj, Bichua and the Kattar. He also mentioned that he was planning to make this collection into a conservation plan which would be a part of the faculty. At exact 11am, Mr. Bhagvan Josh (historian) had come to talk to us about the relation between history and heritage. I must say, I was very impressed as he was very punctual and reached his destination on time. He started off the discussion by asking a very interesting question. He asked how many birthdays we had. All of us just looked at each other, dumbfounded. Without any hesitation we all answered one. He slowly started relating this topic to the history of our families and then the invention of various objects. Without knowing where one topic could take us, we reached from the topic of Lodhi Garden to Sufism. He stated that “history is all around us” and “history begins by asking questions about yourself or your surroundings”. Bhangvan Singh Joshi stated beautiful lines about history and its relations. He stated: “anything created by humans is worth preservation” and also “never hold history with both hands”. By this statement he meant that hold history from one hand and then do something else with the other. He enlightened us on how time has a quality of diminish things. He said that as time passes by, new things would start coming about. In this way he made us realize the importance of time.

After a splendid Desi type lunch, I was looking forward to the next session.

We reached Sukhdev Vihar where, we met an artist with multiple talents, named Siddharth. He is said to be one of the founders of the foundation.

We were briefed on the processing of colors. He said that there were two ways of processing them, one is grinding and the other is washing. It was really fascinating to see an artist who can process his own colors. He only used colors that were naturally processed. Like a true artist, he had numerous color tablets that would help him to assess a certain painting. He used beeswax, linseed oil and raisins from the pine tree to make such extraordinary colors. Also, his charcoal was made from twigs, which was indirectly burnt. I was shocked when he informed us that the painting he was going to draw in front of us was worth 50 lakhs.

We were left off early today as each of us had our own reasons. I really enjoyed the sessions today and appreciated the knowledge that I have been given.

Date: 22nd May 2012

We left early morning for Sultanpur Lodhi. All of us reported at the office by 7am. We were told to report early today morning so that we could evade Delhi traffic, but due to various inconveniences we had to delay our travel. Finally we loaded all our luggages and set off to Kapurthala. With a smile on our faces we started our long journey. We were travelling in two innovas so we had to split up.

All of us were really hungry so we stopped at Café Coffee Day situated outside Delhi (beyond Sonipat) and had brownies. Then, we continued on with our journey. We kept on rotating positions in the cars. The only question that I wanted to ask every half an hour is ‘are we there yet?’

Finally, after crossing all the sugarcane and sunflower fields we took a right turn into Dalla village. Just 15 minutes after, we reached the Qila. It was beautiful from the outside. When we entered the gates, I could see broken brick buildings everywhere and also a police station located in the Qila.

We ate dinner with Mr.Rocky and his family at his house. We ate bhindi, daal and chappatis. But the sevian that was served after dinner was really good.

We headed back to the Qila and I probably brushed my teeth for an hour. After a long day, tired and exhausted we tried to get some sleep in the heat.

23rd May 2012

Today morning, I woke up with a sweaty back. As the room given to us was not very refreshing, but somehow we managed to sleep well. We were served very good Aloo Paronthas with Dahi. I enjoyed breakfast as I loaded my tummy and was looking forward to the Sainik School.

We entered the sensational gates of the school we were welcomed by the headmaster named Rakesh Dhall. He made us aware of some facts of the school. Initially the school was Maharaja Jagatjit Singh’s palace had been converted into a school. It is also the 2nd oldest Sainik school in the country (first being the one set up in Maharashtra). This school was set up in 1962 and was built by a French architect. We encountered two very knowledgeable men named- Sabi Singh and Inderjeet Singh (librarian) who were one of the oldest members of the school. We saw fine carvings, statues, beautiful embroidery etc. we were then introduced to the principle of the school, who is also a colonel. His name was Cnl. Sudhanshan Arya. He enlightened us with some more facts of the school. He briefed us on the history of the school and explained to us some more facts. The school was 200 acres and had 6 basketball courts, 2 hockey fields, 2 football fields and 2 volleyball courts. The Maharaja’s bedroom was today used as the principle’s office while the darbaar hall was today used as a library. As we walked down the stairs Mr. Sabi Singh made us aware that these stairs were once carpeted with a blue carpet and had an emblem on each stair. It was fascinating to see how the school was preserved in such a state. The structures made of brass still existed and beautiful paintings were maintained. We saw one of the oldest organs that could play sounds through a paper tape. The school was magnificent as a whole.

We moved on to encounter SSP Mr. Sukhminder Singh Maan. As we waited for the SSP to arrive, Bhai Baldeep Singh told us that various habitants used the Sultanpur Lodhi. The Aadarsh Police was the last inhabitant of the Qila. Due to his busy schedule, we didn’t get enough time to actually start a conversation.

We went to eat lunch at Mr. Bawa’s house who was a businessman and is also a trustee of the foundation. He served us with great food and all of us were glad to eat chicken after four days. We stayed at his house for approximately 2 hours and saw an awesome movie. It felt as if we had found our long lost friend (which is the TV).

We then arrived at the district court to meet the District Commisioner named Mrs. Alaknanda Dayal. It was an honor to meet an admirable woman of such a high post. Today, I learnt a few statements that left an impact which were “A child cannot learn only a student can” and “Learn together, earn together”. I learnt that team ethics was an important factor. I am happy to say that I am actually learning new things and the importance of tradition and culture. Additionally how to conserve them too.

On the way back to the Qila a very ironic incident had occurred at a slum near the Hussainpur village. There was a fire that had wiped out the whole slum. My heart felt heavy to see the children and women trying to set out the fire. They tried to save every little resource that they could manage to find. As I crossed by the slum I just wished that I could try and help.

We had dinner with Dr. Harjeet Singh and his family. I spent time on the roof at his house, where you could see most of the city.

I am looking forward to the next three days that I spend at Kapurthala.

24th May 2012


Today, we ate Aloo Puri for breakfast. We then reported at the office to finish our reports. The first half of the day we sat and completed them.

While Bhai Baldeep Singh was away in the practice room, we took a break as we had completed our respective assignments. We explored the Qila and took several rounds. Uday had learnt how to ride a bike so I hoped on and took a round with him. For about an hour we took rounds in the Qila on the bike.

We were briefed on how our reports should be detailed. We should mention the date, time and additionally also mention what we have learnt. The whole day passed as we wrote our reports. I also wrote a reminder e-mail to Mr. Sheena.

We had a very elegant dinner yesterday. We had left for dinner but we drove aimlessly as we didn’t know where we were going. As we drove smoothly down the long road, we took a left and entered a small path. Towards the right and left there were enormous maize plants. It was a wish come true, I had always wanted to take pictures in the fields. Even though it was dark, it was very pretty to see. We landed up at a huge house, which looked like a mansion from the outside. We met many people and had a talk with them. Then we encountered the children and we had fun with them. We introduced ourselves and became quite close by the end of them. We played small games like truth and dare, atlas etc. We then spoke to them generally and tried to learn Punjabi.

We then saw the cows and bulls that were sleeping in the backyard. We then planned to drive a tractor. Very kindly they gave us permission to drive and ride on it, so we did.  We drove through the maize fields and we felt the cold breeze ruffling through our hair. Though the vehicle wasn’t fast, Uday & Himmat’s driving skills were pretty impressive. By that time we came even closer. We then has lunch which a delicious.

Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye so we greeted them and parted our ways. As it was Anmol’s birthday on the 25th of May we planned to do something very special. All of us reached the Qila by 11:30pm and acted as if we had to write our report. We specially prepared a cake for him and we celebrated till 12:30am.

25th May 2012

Time: 11:42pm

We woke up late we were too lazy to get out of bed. I reached out for my phone and put my alarm on snooze. But we still decided to go on sleeping.

Today, was sadly the last day of my internship. With a heavy heart I started my day. Looking forward to my last experiences of Sultanpur Lodhi. As usual, in the morning we finished our reports and the assignments that we were given. I had finally sent the final e-mail to Mr. Sheena. After this process I finally learned how to ride a cycle. Though I failed miserably to get onto the bike few times but I finally got the hand of it.

It was a very hot afternoon. The sun’s scorching heat could be felt all over my body. For a minute, I had forgotten that it was Anmol’s birthday. So we planned to do something special for him.

We left the Qila after lunch and arrived at the Rai Duree Factory. We saw various tools that were used in the process to make a duree. I was amazed to see how the duree was formed. We spoke to Mr. Chamandhar who spoke to us about the woven. We saw few the employees who made the durees. At the first stage women turn the threads into the woven. Then the woven is then used to make simple texture. For the simple texture the number of shoots aren’t counted as they used the whole woven in one reel. On the other hand, for simplified textures the number of shoots is counted. Another special type is when there is a complicated texture, holes are made in the thin wooden planks. So then the pattern on the duree depends on the holes made on that plank.

As we saw wonderful durees we planned to make one ourselves. We used our school house colors which were red, green, blue and green and created a duree. Surprisingly it didn’t take much time. By the end of it, we had one beautiful duree.

Now comes my favourite part. We went to a mall in Jalandhar to watch a movie and have dinner. We ate a dinner buffet at Gigabites and then went for a movie. We were all excited to see Men In Black 3 but to my surprise the movie was in Hindi. Uday and I thought that we might have entered the wrong hall. I didn’t quite understand the story as it was in Hindi. Himmat and I sneaked out to of the hall to eat Kulfi, Nachos, Momos and some Sweet Corn.

As we came out of the hall, we had no comment about the movie. It was just plain, funny. As we drove back home I felt under the weather as my last day was coming to an end.

We dropped of the other two boys to Mr. Harjit’s house. I was really upset to leave them, but we had to part our ways. So I bid them farewell.

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