Raghuvir Mallik


Born 1935, Pandit Raghuvir Mallik is the son of Dhrupad Acharya, Pandit Mahavir Mallick. He represents the fifteenth generation in the musical lineage of Darbhanga. He received his instruction in vocal music from his renowned father, a rajguru to several gharanas. His upbringing exposed him to musical accomplishment of the highest caliber. Pandit Raghuvir Mallick possesses a rare knowledge of the various forms characteristic of dhrupad singing in his repertoire. Today, Raghuvir Mallick represents three gharanas dhrupad singing, namely the traditions of Mathura, Dumraon, and Darbhanga.

As the prime exponent of Dumraon tradition of Bihar, Pandit Raghuvir Mallik was requested to sing the inaugural concert at Rânsubāi on December 31, 2016, marking the 350th birth anniversary of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh.

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