Kavya Rai

About Kavya Rai

My name is Kavya; a student of Vasant Valley School studying in grade 11. I am 15 years old, and in short, I can describe myself as a “typical teenager”. The cranky behavior, the politics, the urge to learn more and the fear of not knowing my future is what actually defines me. I am playful, though I unfortunately, sometimes play more and work less. I am distracted, and focused on these other distractions rather that what’s really important; building my future. In a way, you can also say I am social, as my need to talk to my friends is overpowering my other qualities and desires. I’m a girl who likes to take interest in other people’s lives rather than my own, and help others rather than myself – this has it pro’s and con’s. This enables me to be concerned about my environment, and society in general rather then selfishness taking over my thoughts and actions. I mostly take interest in math’s, economics, political science and psychology, as I feel they are important in my development in terms of knowledge. Sweet, caring, loving are terms, which can describe me; although at times this leads to me getting pushed around. My interest in conservation, and in helping people is what has brought me to this internship, in the Anad Foundation. For the following days, I am going to keep my mind, eyes and ears open to new thoughts and ideas; providing a better future for myself as well as others. I really am looking forward to this exciting experience and am eternally grateful for Bhai Baldeep for making this encounter possible.

My Daily Reports


                                10:56 AM

This was the first day of our internship, exciting and unpredictable. There we all were standing outside the building, ready for what was ahead of us. We entered C26 Nizamuddin East and 9:02 AM. At the entrance, Luigi, our fellow classmate was awaiting our arrival. Warmly welcomed, we were then briefed about our internship. Respected Mr. Baldeep then discussed his various views – that all people are beggars, and the richer the person, the bigger the beggar. Soon after: briefly, Mr. Baldeep told us about logging and it’s importance. And went on to discussing documentations and compositions. Mr. Baldeep also said something very interesting, which caught my attention “stories make their own people”, this really fascinated me. It was an enjoyable morning, which ended with a delicious lunch of my favorite; Rajma and Rice. After lunch, we were lucky enough to be blessed in the presence of Mr. K. j. Singh who gave us a very capturing speech on Rigveda’s, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Soon after the profound professor Jagbir Singh enlightened us with unforgettable information on language. Mr. Baldeep, then unfortunately had to leave for a meeting, so we were left to research about the ANAD FOUNDATION, I learnt a lot about them, and realized how lucky I am to intern with them for the next 15 days. Our first day at out internship passed really fast, in a jiffy. And after we spent the whole day, taking notes, and paying attention we were all pretty exhausted, and set off to out respective homes with a thought in our minds that this will be a wonderful experience.


5:30 PM

We entered the offices at around 9:10 am. It was an interesting morning, as all of us spent relaxing in the studio. To be honest, we had been assigned work but all of us were not very eager to finish it. Hence we all took it easy till around 11. At 11, Mr. Baldeep gave us a talk about the importance of “playing hard to get” on my blackberry; to basically not use it that much. This really hit me, and from then on realized that I shouldn’t use my phone as much. After this impactful talk at around 1, we had an extravagant lunch cooked by Aunt Maria, there were two kinds of pastas and salad followed by an amazing Tiramisu, for dessert. The food was remarkable. After eating our meal, we spent the afternoon with professor, Ashok Lal – a very well known architect. His speech was very interesting, and I learnt a lot about the ancient Indian architecture; as well as modern buildings. We ended the day with a smile on our faces, proud at how much we had learnt. And we set off home.


6:15 PM

Today, our final day in Nizamuddin, we all punctually entered the office at 9, on the dot. Excited for what we had planned ahead of us, we all eagerly waited to be greeted by Mr. Baldeep. We were soon told to go upstairs, to Luigi’s house and as we entered Luigi’s room we were lucky enough, to see all the various types of weapons collected by him. We saw a variety of weapons, a few of them were  – Saif, Khanda, Sirohi, Bichua, Sehthi, Peshkabaj, Ketar. They were interesting, and they played an important role, in making we aware of our countries history. After this, we then had a quick talk, we had a talk with Bhagwan Josh, and he was a very fine man. Filled with humor, and a lot of knowledge, he spoke to us about how history is being neglected and it’s importance. It was actually, one of the most interesting lectures I personally, have attended. We were auspicious to have lunch with him. Today, lunch was quick and it was simply, Dahl and rice, but was extremely tasty. After lunch, we rushed off to an art studio, and learnt a lot about the various paints and techniques with the help of a very famous painter’ Siddharth. We sat and watched him paint a canvas, and I was intrigued as to how someone could be so talented. He painted a canvas of two men, painting an instrument, and within 15 minutes it looked perfect. I really admire him. Mr. Baldeep then left as he had to attend a meeting, and we spent the rest of the afternoon just painting and enjoying ourselves. We left, with paint smothered over ourselves, to out houses; to pack for our exciting journey ahead of us.


7:02 PM

This was our first day of traveling, at around 7:30 in the morning we all arrived with our luggage at Nizamuddin. In our minds we had that feeling, as though we were forgetting something, but nonetheless, we were excited to learn more about the foundation at the fort itself. After sorting out the luggage, and boarding the cars we departed at around 8am. There were two cars, the first consisting of Mr. Baldeep, Luigi, Leo, Wanhee and I. and the second of –the driver, Himmat, Uday and Anmol. After departing, Wanhee and I realized we were hungry, and we were given biscuits. After an hour or so, we stopped at café coffee day, where Mr. Baldeep generously fed us. All of us ordered brownies, which were delicious, but a little dry. After eating, we set off, on the road again. With our music, and each other’s company we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And before we knew it, we stopped for a snack at Karnal, where we all quickly went to the washroom, and ate ice cream. After this, we continued on, to Chandigarh. This was a beautiful city, which I thoroughly admire. After driving through the city, we all were pretty famished, and stopped Mrs. Satinder’s house. And she very open heartedly welcomed us, and prepared a wonderful meal of Curry and Rice; true Punjabi food. Soon after, we continued with out journey, filled with jokes, and music, and after a couple hours we reached our destination; Sultanpur. It was beautiful, and knowledgeable to see out Indian traditions and historical forts; we were shown around, and I was left amazed. After being given our rooms; in the fort itself, we then had to leave for dinner at village Machijoa, Mr. Rocky’s house. He was fit and worked in a gym. He had very generously prepared a wonderful meal, with a delicious Kheer for dessert. At around 10: tired, we all hit our beds, and fell asleep, excited about the next day ahead of us.


7:14 PM

Today was our first time we awoke at Sultanpur. Excited, we quickly got up to the alarm we had set at 7am. After bathing, we all sat down for breakfast-, which consisted of parantha’s and cereal, it was enjoyable. After eating, we all set off for Sainik School where we had an appointment at 10. It was a half an hour journey, and as we entered the school we were amazed. It was a very clean school, of 200 acres. Not only a school, but also it was also the remains of a palace belonging to Jagatjit Singh. As we entered the school, we were told to wait. As soon after Subhanshan Arya who was the principal of the school briefed us. He showed us around the school, to the bedrooms, and the libraries, it was all very interesting. The ceiling designs was amazing, it was well maintained – the paintings and the gold was truly beautiful. After looking around the school, we then set off for the SSP’s office; where we eagerly awaited for his arrival. But unfortunately, he was not able to attend, as he was caught up in another meeting. Hence, we left after half an hour for lunch to Kiranjit’s house. He prepared a lovely meal for us –chicken, chana, kulchas, rice and chapatti’s, it was truly divine. After lunch, we all sat and watched a movie; Indigo Na Mileage Dobra, our personal favorite. As the movie was ending, we were told to quickly leave as we had another appointment with the District Commissioner, Alaknanda Dayal. she was a very intelligent, and respectable woman, and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. Eventhough we were mostly bbm-ing, conveniently forgetting that we told to put our phones on silent, it was still worthwhile. After this, we set off back to out office in Sultanpur, and worked for a couple hours.


10:10 AM

Waking up to the morning alarm we  had set at 7am, we rushed out of bed with a feeling of excitement; looking forward to what was planned ahead of us. After quickly bathing and brushing, we waited for the arrival of Himmat, Uday and Anmol to have breakfast. They arrived at around 8:15 am. For breakfast we had Aloo Puri, it was really delicious, and we all ate well. After eating breakfast we were told to go to the office, and continue writing our daily reports, and willingly we did so. Although our work was in spurts, while we were working, we kept taking breaks after regular intervals. Our breaks consisted of getting food from our room, chatting and riding on a motorbike. It was fun. But our indolent behaviour got Mr Baldeep angry, and hence; we ended up getting a harsh scolding. After listening to Mr. Baldeep’s lecture. We all quietly sat and finished our introductions, and took a watermelon break. Busy completing our work, we were energized till lunch. At lunch time, we eagerly waited for our food, but it wasn’t ready on time, so we passed time by going to the market on a motorbike, and riding around the fort, it was exciting. Lunch was served at around 2:30; simple Dahl and rice. But the Dahl was made really well, and we all ate to our stomachs content. After lunch, we played football for a bit, and were then make to work till 6. Work consisted of using Excel and copying information of forms; it was tiring. But time flew and before we knew it, it was dinner time. After getting ready, we all left for dinner, excited to finally eat. We had to go to a villager’s house, and we were treated very well. There were a group of Punjabi children, whom we interacted with. Our interaction consisted of Truth and Dare, Atlas, Memory, Contact and a couple enjoyable games. And to top it all up before dinner, we all went for a tractor ride. They took us all around their farm; where there was maize and wheat growing in abundance. It was amazing, and trying to act all macho; me and Anmol decided to run in front of the tractor as fast as we could and we succeeded, and reached the house faster than the tractor. Dinner was then served pretty late around 10. It was a well done mean consisting of chana, vegetables, roti and for dessert, Jalebi. Dinner finished at around 11, and all of us set off back to Sultanpur. There we eagerly waited for the clock to strike 12, as we then wished our dear friend Anmol; being his 16th birthday. After celebrating, and cutting the cake. We all crashed, thankful for such a great day, hoping for the next one to be as good.


11:40 PM

This morning, Wanhee and I woke up to the sound of our alarms. But being completely drained out, we both decided to go back to sleep, and our conscious awoke us, at 8am. We quickly bathed, and got ready to spend the day learning and celebrating the birthday of our dear friend, Anmol. A after washing ourselves, we sat down for breakfast which consisted of Aloo Parantha and waited for Mr. Baldeep to arrive to prompt us on our days plan, but there was no sign of him. So we passed time, riding cycles around the fort, and climbing up hills as a group, it was fun. We even cycled till the market, and bought ourselves sugarcane which we happily sat and chewed. At around 10, Mr Baldeep arrived. And we were made to work; write reports, and work on Excel. Though we had a fruit break in the middle in which we all sat and chewed on watermelon Time past fast. And before we knew it, it was lunch time. For lunch we were served Dahl and Rice along with Bengan, and we all ate in a hurry, to engage in our afternoon activities. In the afternoon, at around 2 we were told to meet at the gate; and we were taken to a duree factory called Rai Duree Factory which was in Jalandhar. It was a unforgettable experience, which included waiting in the heat, feeling as though I was about to faint – to learning how carpets were made, and even trying out the different ways and interacting with the workers. All of us got a carpet made of our house colours; blue, green, yellow and red which we have decided to divide between the six of us. We all really enjoyed ourselves.  To make the day even more exciting, we decided to go for a movie at 7:30 to PVR Jalandhar. We went as a group of 10 with Sakaar, a fellow classmate. We rushed up to the ticket counter on the 4th floor. And purchased tickets for Men in Black 3 which was an 8 o’ clock show. So to kill time we went for dinner to a restaurant called Gigabites; the food was lovely, and we all opted for the buffet; which included a variety of pasta’s, thai food and Chinese. After quickly swallowing our dinner, we ran to the movie hall, and prepared ourselves for the movie ahead of us. Shockingly, this was dubbed in Hindi, and disappointed all of us; Men in Black fans. So we had a good laugh at the Hindi vocabulary, and bought ourselves more eats; such as momo’s and nachos. We spend the 155 minutes of the movie, chatting, cracking jokes; simply just enjoying the last few moments we were spending as a group before Wanhee and Uday left for China. On our way home from the movie hall, it suddenly hit me – that I am really going to miss my fellow interns, and without them nothing would be complete; but there I was, grateful for these days we spent together. We reached Sultanpur, and all headed back to our rooms, tired. This is what I call a day.


8:40 PM

Today, I woke up to the pleasant sound of the chirping of the birds, and the sound of the lush green tree leaves swaying to the cool wind blowing. The weather was perfect, not too hot nor cold, just the kind of weather people look forward to. After awaking, I got ready, missed the presence of my roommate, Wanhee. I then sat down for breakfast with Himmat and Anmol, and appreciated the weather, each other’s company, as well as the hot delicious, parantha’s made by Raju. After eating, we ran to the office and began the work assigned to us, which was to write reports. Each of us sat with our laptops, and finished while Mr Baldeep was busy in his meetings. We then all collectively ate lunch. For lunch, we had tinda and roti; which to be honest isn’t my favourite, but I still appreciated it. After lunch, a few disturbing incidents took place, and sorting them out was a monotonous procedure, but thanks to Mr Baldeep it all became okay. In the evening, Shine, a profound photographer came to bless us with his knowledge. He made us go around the fort and take pictures of the complex; photo mapping. He believed that you had to understand the place in order to take pictures of it, and this was time consuming. Hence, our evening past just spending time with the fort and our respective camera’s. We finally finished out work, and decided to go out for a movie. But unfortunately, making the plan, and convincing people was too lengthy a procedure, and we missed the movie timings, so instead; Mr Baldeep took us to London Hotel for a kitty party at the invite of Dr. Harjit Singh. It included playing Tambola, and eating snacks. Tambola was fun actually; we ended up winning a couple hundred Rupees while munching on French fries, manchurian and paneer pakoras. After eating ice cream, we met Aunt Maria, who had just arrived from Delhi. After all this action; we called it a day. And fell asleep.


9:00 PM

This morning, we were told to get up at 5 am.to finished our second round of taking pictures. This was a tough task, and I was unsuccessful in even waking up; and continued sleeping till around 7. Aunt Maria then woke me up, and I went out to take pictures of the fort. Despite the suppressive heat, I enjoyed exploring. Then, after editing my pictures in the office, Himmat and I waited for Bhai Baldeep to arrive, as he had the morning planned for us. We went to Nirmal Kutiya Village Gurdwara. It was a half an hour journey, and as there was no ac, we were really feeling hot. But music and each others company helped us through it. After reaching the Gurdwara and passing through all the chaos in the scorching sun, we left our shoes and went inside to support and cheer for Bhai Baldeep while he sang for thousands of people. It was admirable, although I dozed of for a bit; reason being my lack of sleep. After this, we were taken for lunch in the Gurdwara itself, and were served food- Roti, Chana, Dal and Jalebi. I did not eat, as I was not feeling well, but the food was well presented. With our stomachs empty, praying for the temperature to decrease, we waited in a room for Bhai Baldeep to arrive, and set off back to the fort after eating ice cream, as the heat was unbearable, but we had no choice. As we headed into the fort, we went to sleep; crashed. Sleep deprived and tired, after all our hard work. We woke up to the announcement of supper, at around 7:30 – which was Pasta made by Aunt Maria. It was very well made. After supper, we finished our reports, and hit the bed. Hoping for a cooler day tomorrow.


11:05 PM

The best day at this internship so far. It was a really exciting day. It all began with my morning alarm at 7 am in the morning, rushing in for a bath, and brushing was all rushed. And after a short while, there I was standing at the gate ready to depart to Chandigarh to accompany Mr. Baldeep as his secretary, as well as Aunt Maria. We departed at 8:56 am in a taxi, as Mr. Baldeep didn’t find a point in driving all the way. It was a 3 and a half hour journey, and it few by! I fell asleep; and before I knew it we were in Chandigarh. After dropping Aunt Maria to her mother in law’s house, Mr. Baldeep and me set off to the profound, B. N. Goswami’s house. He is a very well known art critique, and after interacting with him, I respect him even more. His house was incredible, the color contrast in his living room, was admirable. He and his wife were also very hospitable. They prepared lovely Samoa’s and cake for us to enjoy. But I was too busy taking pictures, than actually enjoying the snacks. Our objective of going to his house was to award him the respectable award, Tagore Akabmi Ratna Fellow. Mr. Baldeep gave the award, and the experience was unforgettable. On our way out, we noticed an amazing Porsche in the driveway; it was a silver convertible, truly remarkable! After this, we headed to the Mariot to interact with a couple of Mr. Baldeep’s friends, as they had a pass away in their family. They were all very nice, and fun loving people; sharing kulfi with them was fun. We departed from here at around 4, and headed off to pick up Aunt Maria. We were running a very tight schedule, so we had to quickly set off to Jalandhar for another award Ceremony. It was a 3-hour drive; and again, I fell asleep. On our way, we stopped at for snacks to a restaurant in Jalandhar itself called Haveli, there we enjoyed eating pao bhaji, chart and jalebi’s; traditional Indian street food. It was my first time, and I hope to try it again soon! Then, we reached the award ceremony, which was around 10 minutes away, Mr. Baldeep had been invited to present an award to  Dr S.L. Misra . it was an exciting experience,  enjoyed pushing through the bunch of photographers in the heat all trying to take photos of the ceremony. I met lovely people, and they were all very hospitable, it was nice to step out of my bubble and actually appreciate people doing well for the cultural traditions of India. After the ceremony, we headed off to Mr. Baldeep’s house for dinner, and after having such a memorable day, it ended with a very important quote said by Jagjit Singh, during dinner, which was “We are ahead of times”. We also discussed the fact that Anad has to be unique, and that it is famous for drawing attention from potential students across the globe; as well as the role of the “National Skill Developmental Cooperation”, I enjoyed the elaborate meal cooked for us, which included paneer, dahl, chana, roti, rice, vegetables, and a variety of fruits for dessert. I really learnt a lot. We reached back to Sultanpur at around 11, and we all were pooped; and went to sleep.


11:10 AM

Today was a relaxed day with Himmat and Anmol gone. I awoke at around 10and quickly bathed, as I was mentally preparing myself for the tasks given by Mr. Baldeep. After getting ready, I went to the workshop to work with Luigi, in counting and taking picture of each tool owned by Bhai Baldeep, it was tedious and monotonous, but we completed 4 draws keeping this in mind. We finished around1 and were really tired, so with the advice given by Aunt Maria we decided to take a break for a while to eat lunch. For lunch, we ate bhindi and roti made by Raju, it was very well made and after eating, we all fell asleep; due to the heat. I awoke at around 5, and Aunt Maria and I decided to go by the river, and take a walk; and hence we did so with Jitender. We walked for around an hour till the Gurudwara, and ran all the way back to fetch the car as Aunt Maria was too tired to walk back! The weather was pleasant, and I really enjoyed myself. We were back at the fort at around 8; waiting for Bhai Baldeep, Himmat and Anmol to join us for dinner at Dr. Harjit’s house, as he was leaving for UK. But unfortunately, they did not make it by 8 as they had an accident, and the window had shattered, and they stopped for repairs; so we had to leave without them, but met them at his house at around 10. After eating dinner, we headed home, tired.


Today, was an exciting day. I woke up looking forward to going to the potters but unfortunately the plan was cancelled, and we sat in the workshop and completed our assignment to organize the tools, after doing this in the heat, we sat for lunch, and ate the pasta made by Aunt Maria, before her departure back to Delhi. After eating lunch, it was terribly hot. There was a heat wave, and the lights were out, and so was the inverter. We all eagerly waited for the lights arrive while we were sweating in the humidity of Punjab, as we were completing the work given to us. The lights came back at around 6, and we relaxed till dinnertime. After eating dinner, rajma and rice, we sat down and decided to work extra to finish our work, as we were unable to during the day. After finishing the work, we all fell asleep, satisfied.


Today was an eventful day. I was woken up by Bhai Baldeep at around 8:50 to go and complete my work, and eat breakfast. Having no choice whatsoever, I jumped out of bed, got ready and went to the office along with my cup of coffee. For the first half of the morning, I completed my presentation which I had to send to Shone Sir; a profound a photographer who came to visit us all the way from Jaipur, and gave us a wonderful experience. After completing my presentation, Bhai Baldeep arrived, and he tried to recover the photo’s which we had lost on the Olympus, but this was not possible and had no choice but to do it again. I was appointed the group leader, and it was my job to get the work done. Hence; we spent an hour in the morning trying to begin our pictures, but this did not happen as we were terrified of the heat and getting Himmat and Anmol to work was impossible, so we just kept faffing around. At around 1:30, we ate lunch in the office which consisted of Dahl and Rice followed by Ice Cream and after enjoying our meal, we all got energized and decided to complete our pictures. We did this fairly quickly in an hour or so, and then decided to relax a bit, and go for a movie in the evening. As we had finished our work, we were chilling in my room and were suddenly called by Bhai Baldeep to the office. Terrified we eagerly waited for his arrival; and we got an awakening talk from him which made us realize the seriousness of the internship. And from then on we decided to work properly, without any distractions. Fortunately, Bhai Baldeep was kind enough to give us another chance. We then decided to leave for our movie, which was at 8 pm, so we quickly ate dinner at home before leaving. Dinner consisted of Paneer and Roti, which we stuffed down our throats in a hurry while getting into the car. We reached the mall at around 8, which was in Jalandhar, and as we reached we realized that we had bought the wrong tickets, we had bought tickets for the following day. This disappointed us, but there was nothing we could do, so we set off back to Sultanpur. On our way home, we stopped to the chemist to pick up medicines for Amit, Luigi’s cousin as he was running high temperature, and had an upset stomach. While Bhai Baldeep was at the chemist he bumped into Harbir Singh PCS. He was a very kind man. And we all decided to pay a visit to his new born child, which was at his house in Jalandhar itself. He ordered us chicken pizza, Chocó lava cake, coke and what not, and to finish he even gave us the most amazing cold coffee made by his wife. It was very generous of them, and they kept insisting that we eat more and more as they did not want us to leave hungry; hence, all of us over ate. We left their house at around 10:30, and Amit was not feeling well Bhai Baldeep wanted to spend some time with him, and we reached the fort at around 11 after dropping Anmol and Himmat to Dr Harjit’s place. As we reached home – Cracking jokes, and taking care of Amit was a lot of fun, we made him feel better and more loved; and then we all called it a day.


12:24 AM

Today was a unique day. There was something different about today, but it’s hard to figure out exactly what. I woke up at around 7:30 in the morning, and got ready as fast as I could as we had guests coming to the fort for breakfast. Our guest, Surjit Kaur Bhangra, was punctual and reached at around 7:45. Once she arrived, we showed her around the workshop, music room and the gardens, and she shared a lot of  interesting information about the mitti she made, she also put me into a guilt trip for not learning Punjabi, and she emphasized on its need and importance. We all sat down for breakfast at around 8:15 AM, and it consisted of yoghurt, matar paneer and hot parantha’s. I did not eat, as I was still digesting the delicious dinner of the previous night. After breakfast, I sat down with my dear friend Amit, and spend the last couple of moments with him, before he left for Chandigarh, as he was suffering from temperature and an upset stomach. Getting back to work after his departure, we sat down in the garden, and began playing with the mitti. Mrs Surjit, or as we called her Mata Ji, showed us fascination tricks with the clay, and made a variety of animals with them – ducks, parrots, peacocks and so on. She seemed to have a good hand with the clay. After getting familiar with the clay, we then started having a discussion about which wall to design with the clay; and came to the conclusion that the entrance to the office would be a good option. Before beginning our work, we had a few students, with particular interest in music, from Guru Amar Das Public School, Jalandhar, who came to meet with Bhai Baldeep. After interacting with them, Mata Ji showed us how the charkha functions, and we all gave it a shot, but ended up unsuccessful as it in reality, is a very hard task. And to top it all off, the heat wasn’t on our side, it was unbearable humid. Today was a very important day in the History of the fort, a charkha was spun after many years, and the tradition was now coming back to life, the feeling was remarkable! We then sat down for lunch, which was bhindi and roti, and happily ate in the air conditioned office; and completed all our pending assignments. After doing so, Mati Ji, Luigi, Himmat, Anmol and began work on the entrance. The task was divided, Himmat, Luigi and Anmol being made to scrape the paint off the wall, and I was to draw the design. It was a tedious process, but we managed to get some of it done! At around 6:30, we ate an early dinner, and set off to Jalandhar to watch Rowdy Rathore- the 8PM show, a new movie out today itself, with Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar, it was a pointless movie, but we all gave it a good laugh while eating our nachos and drinking coffee. We returned back to the fort, at around 12, and completed our work. What a day!


Today was an interesting day, and I awoke in the morning with a heavy heart that there were only 2 more days left of the internship. It was disheartening, but the day had to go on. I got ready, and started my work at around 8:30 am with Mata Ji. I was made to draw the layout of the entrance to Bhai Baldeep’s office, and roughly mark it with a pencil, so that she could continue and finalize it with clay. It was a tedious process completing it in the heat, but it had to be done and not having my phone was beneficial, as I surprisingly managed to get some work done. Lunch was served at 1; and we were all famished and gladly enjoyed eating our chana chawal, followed by ice cream. After lunch, we decided to spend some quality time with the chakra, and get a feel of it – but like always, I was unsuccessful as the string kept breaking, but it was worth a try! Heavyhearted and disappointed , Anmol and I decided to complete our pending work so we could relax later in the day. So with our camera, and determination we decided to retake the pictures of each of the tools, and they had been deleted from the other camera. This was a tedious process, completing in the heat was a pain, but we finished with the thought that it’s nearly over and we wouldn’t have to do it again, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Bhai Baldeep disapproved of the pictures as he felt the position of the object was not correct, so we decided to redo it. After redoing it, Bhai Baldeep managed to find some other fault, which was that the focus was not correct, there we sat exasperated and useless. We were too tired to redo the pictures once again, so we decided to complete it the following day, and just relax as it was already 5. At around 7 we were given samosa’s, they were truly divine. After eating we had nothing better to do, we went off to the river for an hour with Jatinder, it was nice and pleasant, and I enjoyed breathing in the clean air with Himmat and Anmol. We reached back to the fort at around 8:30, and after chit chatting for a while, I wrote my report and hit the bed; thinking that this is almost the end of this unforgettable experience.

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