Anmol Handa

About Anmol Handa

My name is Anmol Handa. I study in Vasant Valley School, in class 11. I was born on the 25th of May, 1996 in New Delhi. I have taken up commerce in class 11. My subjects are business studies, accounts, mathematics and economics. I am passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. I live with my parents in Gurgaon. I love eating and playing badminton. My aim the moment is to pass class 12 and then I will think about my future. I live in the present and have fun.

My Daily Reports

Saturday, 19th of May

I reached a little late due to some problems and thus, I missed out on the first conversation, about the Anad foundation and how it functions, then Mr. Singh talked to us about moral values and principles, he told us that the world is filled with beggars, the more you have, the bigger the bigger the beggar you are as you become more and more greedy. He said that logging is important as it would tell you the exact date and time and it keeps a record of everything so that the flow of thoughts doesn’t break or remains constant .Stories make their own people and in a document,, story is given more importance than the people, followed by which we were divided into groups and were told about our topics, we had a delicious lunch after which a professor, accompanied by his son came and talked to us about conservation of heritage and the Veda’s. We were told by him that the Veda’s were written on the banks of the river Satluj. After this researched about the foundation and left for home.

Sunday, 20th of May

I reached before time today, for the first 2 hours we just talked to each other and shared our views about this project, after which we did some research work in the topics we were given, I Guarav Kapoor, the C.A of the Anad foundation asking him about the tax returns. etc. Then we had amazing lunch cooked by Luigi’s mother followed by which Dr. Lal talked to us about architecture. He also gave us tips about how to make good homes using less energy, for example, if we place a steel net outside any wall, it will protect the wall from the sun rays and it will keep the house cool inside. We can increase the ventilation and increase the number of windows so that a lot of light can come into rooms in the houses so that less artificial lighting is not required.

Monday, 21st of May

Today we began the day by seeing Luigi’s sword collection, we saw many swords and daggers, bichua, sehthi, saif, kharda, serohi and different sizes of pesh kawaj. These weapons were worshipped by the Khalsa and all these weapons were very expensive, it was the best collection I had ever seen. After this, professor Josh from the JNU to talked to us about history of everything around us and told us the history behind the various roads of Delhi, he also told us that the Rig Veda was first published in Germany. He told us that everything in this world is related to each other and history isn’t about just about dates, there’s a history all around you. He also said there are 2 kinds of histories, one that is about our family, and one that talks about everything else. He also said that history is a vanishing tradition. We went to an art workshop in Sukhdev Vihar where we talked to Mr. Siddarth about how he makes his organic paints. After this he shared some stories about his work with us and then he painted for us, the painting was absolutely beautiful. After observing him paint we wrote our reports and headed back home.

22nd of May, Tuesday

Today, we finally left for Kapurthala at 7:30 am, we stopped at Café Coffee day for breakfast, we had coffee and brownies over there and we continued our trip. After a few hours we stopped at Savoy Greens for a break and after that we ate lunch at Mr.S.S.Ubhi’s house, we ate a delicious lunch and then headed for Sultanpur Lodhi. When we reached the Quila, Luigi showed us around and and then went to Mr. Ravinder Rocky’s house to eat dinner. We came back from there and went to Dr.Kiranjit’s house.

23rd of May, Wednesday

We woke up at 7, had a bath, got ready and left for Sainik school, there we saw that sports were given more importance than the academics, thus, all the boys in the school were fit and mostly joined the army after school. We met the head master of the school and then the principal. He introduced us to the oldest living employee of the palace, Mr.Arya, after this we walked around and saw the whole school, the museum, the library, everything. I also learned there that that school was a palace first, and was sold to the Punjab government for a very cheap price. This was because maintaining the palace was very expensive. It was the second Sainik School in India. After this, we went to the District court to meet SSP Mr. Sukhminder Singh Maan. As we waited  for the SSP to arrive, Bhai Baldeep Singh told us that various habitants used the Sultanpur Lodhi. The Aadarsh Police was the last inhabitant of the qila. Due to his busy schedule, we didn’t get enough time to actually start a conversation.  We went to eat lunch at Mr. Bawa’s house who was a businessman and is also a trustee of the foundation. He served us great food and we watched tv at his house. We then arrived at the district court to meet the district commissioner named Mrs. Alaknanda Dayal. It was an honour to meet her and she asked us about what all we had learnt from this internship. On our way back from the qila, we saw a fire and all the homes had been burnt, the slum near Hussainpur village was in a situation of awe, houses were burnt and the people were crying out loud after seeing nothing on returning from work. After writing our reports we headed for Mr. Harjit’s house and had a very good time over there.

24th of May, Thursday

We woke up in the morning and ate cereal and aloo puri, after this we reported to the office, got our ideas together and sat down to write our reports, first with a pencil, then I typed it out and sent it to Bhai Baldeep Singh, but he was not happy with it as it lacked details, so then I filled in the required details and sent it back to him. After I finished the work given to me, I took a break, played football and tried riding a motor bike. In the evening, for dinner, we went to a villagers house, his house was really big and the place was very nice. The cold breeze was just amazing. We then went on tractors and Himmat drove like a professional. We came back and ate dinner and then left for home.

25th of May, Friday

We woke up in the morning at 7am and got ready to go to the Qila. We ate breakfast there and headed towards the office where we completed writing our daily reports and captioning the photos. After we finished our work, we ate lunch and then headed towards Jalandar to watch a movie as it was my birthday. On our way there we stopped at a Dari factory and saw how Dari’s were made. Later, we made our own Dari in the 4 house colours of our school, blue, red, green and yellow. After this we went to a recently opened mall and saw a movie, M.I.B-3 in Hindi. Prior to the movie, we went to eat dinner at this lounge and the food was delicious there. The movie was very good but we were very sad on our way back because Uday and Wan Hee were going back to Delhi as they had to go back to China. We said good bye to them and then I went off to sleep.

26th of May, Saturday

Today, there were only 4 of us left as Wan Hee and Uday had to go back to Delhi as they had to leave for China. The day had just started and we were already missing their presence. We ate our breakfast and then headed towards the office where we sat down and wrote our daily report. After this Bhai Baldeep Singh showed us some amazing photos taken by a very famous photographer, then Mr.Sonia, a journalist asked us a few questions about the internship after confidently answering his questions Mr. Shine told us to click pictures of the fort and then choose a specific structure out of the whole place and click photos of it showing its details. He also told us that every picture has a story, the better the picture, the better the story is. I went around the qila and clicked around 80 pictures with the advice given by Mr. Shine of using the sunlight to add beauty to a picture. After I clicked my pictures, I had to choose only the best 15 out of them. We didn’t have enough time to choose those 15 pictures as we had to go to the London Hotel to play tambola and eat dinner with style. We as a team won a lot of prizes and then we came back to our rooms and went off to sleep.

27th of May, Sunday

We woke up at 5:30 today, this was because we had to click photos before the sun rises completely, however as we slept late, we woke up late as well. We reached late to the qila, ate breakfast in a hurry and started taking photos of the qila. I chose the Delhi gate as my main structure and took detailed pictures of it. I took around 95 photos of the qila and the Delhi gate and then I only had to choose 20 photos from those 90. After doing so we left for the gurdwara where we saw Bhai Baldeep Singh sing for a large crowd. After this we had lunch over there and then waited for Bhai Baldeep Singh till he was done with the meeting with the Chief Minister, Sardar Prakash Singh Badal. After this we headed back to the qila and as we came back we clicked a picture with Mr. Shine and then he left for Delhi. After this we relaxed in our rooms and took a break as we were very sleepy. We then had dinner which was cooked by Luigi’s mom, it was very delicious. A few minutes after this we came to the office and sat down to write our reports.

28th of May, Monday

We woke up late today and due to that we had a bath and got ready in a hurry. We reached the qila, ate breakfast and then g*ot started off with our work, we reported to the workshop near the office and started taking out all the precious tools from the Anad Foundations workshop, we took 2 Dari’s and aligned all the tools in the workshop in a specific order. After doing so we took out our notebooks and took down all the names of the tools present in the workshop. We made an inventory of all the tools and after completing our task we took a break as it was very hot and we were all very tired. The break came to an end, we came back to work and we found out that our previous task was incomplete, we had to take a picture of every single tool and we also had to type all this information on a word file and submit it. We started taking pictures and we reached the 50th tool but then our day was over so we had dinner and went back to Dr. Harjit’s place and slept off.

29th of May, Tuesday

We woke up at 8 today, we were already very late for work and we had to go to Patiala today with Bhai Baldeep Singh. We had our breakfast and headed for Patiala, to the Punjab University where Bhai Baldeep Singh had a meeting with the Head of Punjabi Bhavan, Dr. Kaur. Himmat and I accompanied Bhai as his personal photographer and assistant. We met very talented people over there, they were discussing about the cultural programmes in the university. The whole meeting was held in Punjabi, a language that I was not familiar with, that’s why I didn’t understand much. Then we went to Dimpy uncle’s house, he is a very kind and lovable person and he took us to Club 16 for lunch. The food was absolutely amazing, after finishing our meal, we headed for Dimpy uncle’s house where he showed us his plane collection and then as the museum was closed that day, we headed back home. We were hosted by Dr. Harjit for dinner the same evening, we ate the delicious meal his wife cooked for us there and went off to sleep.

30th of May, Wednesday

We woke up on time today and headed for work. We ate our breakfast and started off with our work of making an inventory of all the tools present in the Anad Foundation’s workshop on Microsoft word. This task was given to me and Kavya, I was the leader of this particular task. We started off with our work, we had some troubles doing our work but we finally succeeded in our challenge. We finished our work and then I sat down to some of my other work that was left, make a Power Point Presentation to send to Mr. Bhola and writing my daily report of the previous 2 days. It was not an easy task but I worked hard and somehow managed to finish it in time, even before I had expected it to finish. When Bhai came back and saw our work, he was very unhappy, he spoke to us about working properly and not complaining and we listened carefully. I felt that it was my fault as I had complained about doing the work the same day. BBS told us a story about one of the Sikh gurus which really encouraged me to do work. It was too late to do work the same day, so we went to Dr. Harjit’s house and went off to sleep.

31st of May, Thursday

We started our day with the usual’s, we went to the office and started whatever work we had to do, BBS came in after an hour and then lectured us, telling us about the importance of our internship, leaving us with a last warning and if we didn’t properly work, he would send us back with bad reports. We took this warning in the best way possible, we promised ourselves that we would properly work from now on. Even though it was very hot, we started off with clicking pictured of all the tools the Anad Foundation workshop. We had to take individual pictures of every single tool (139 tools) under appropriate amount of sunlight on a log of wood. We worked in the heat for about an hour and a half and then showed it to BBS who confidently rejected our work, again. We didn’t lose hope and decided that we would start off again the next day. Kavya had booked us tickets to watch a movie, but when we reached the hall they said the tickets were bought for the next day. On our way back, we stopped at a chemist to buy medicine for Amit, that’s where BBS met an acquaintance who was also Himmat’s relative. He stuffed us with amazing food, made us be the first to meet her daughter and his wife made us the most amazing cold coffee there exists, after this we came back to Dr. Harjits’s place and slept.

1st of June, Friday

We woke up early today and got ready but no one was there to send pick or drop us to the fort, but me and Himmat were determined and thus, we decided to walk all the way to the Qila. It wasn’t very tiring as the Qila was just close by, but the fact that we woke up on our own and walked to the Qila and still reached on time showed that we were in a better situation than before and were willing to work. We quickly ate our breakfast and then headed towards the office to take our books from there, after which we sat in the shade with Mrs. Kaur to learn how to spin the wheel. Before sitting on the wheel, she showed us mud that she had prepared and allowed us to make whatever shape we like, I was not very good at it so I took an empty plastic bottle and mad a face on it. We then started off with spinning cotton to make thread on the Charkha with Mrs. Kaur. She first showed us how to make it and then let us try it as well. Later, we came into the office, ate lunch and then started choosing wall designs as we had to make one on the office’s front door with the special mud Mrs. Kaur had brought for us. The designs we saw were very beautiful but at the same time were complicated and time consuming, hence we chose the design recommended by Mrs. Kaur herself. Me and Luigi started the work by scraping the wall with sand paper to make the surface appropriate for making the design. We successfully completed one part of the wall around the door and then Kavya and Himmat started off with the art work. While we were doing it time flew and we had to stop at 6:30 then as we had to go for a movie. We went to Jalandar to watch Rowdy Rathore, the movie was very bad but we enjoyed our time there and then came back to Dr. Harjit’s house and went off to sleep.

2nd of June, Sunday

We woke up early again today and started walking towards the Qila, this was because we woke up before time and so, there was no one to pick us up from Dr.Harjit’s house. We reached the Qila before time and had breakfast, after doing so we headed to the office and started doing our bit to help make a beautiful design on the front door of the office with the help of Mrs. Kaur and the mud that she prepared for us, I scraped the wall with the help of sand paper and then my team mates started off with the art work. In sometime me and Kavya went to the workshop to click photos of 80 tools that we had to make an inventory of. We showed our pictures to BBS but he rejected them, we didn’t lose hope and tried to complete the task again. The second time we did it, our pictures were rejected again, but it was very hot outside and we were very tired so we decided to do it later. Exhausted, we went to the river nearby and just walked around. As we came back, we had samosas for dinner and then we went back to D. Hajits’s place and went off to sleep.

3rd June, Sunday

Today was our last day here, we were all happy and sad, happy as we were going back home, sad because we didn’t want to leave Kapurthala and everyone here. We headed for Kapurthala and ate breakfast there at Dr. Manjeet Kaur Padda’s house and then went with BBS to Kala Kendra, where he recited poetry and gave some lectures. We then came back and worked on the Charkha for a while and then continued with our art work with Bibi Surjeet Kaur Bhamra. Today, we were given the task to paint the clay work, I painted on side of the door while, my team mates did the others, with the help of Mata Ji and Nikki aunty. Then I wrote my report and completed my presentation and sent it to BBS and Mr. Shine Bhola. After doing so, I had a nice and long conversation with BBS and my team mates and then went where me and Himmat stayed to pack all our stuff. After doing so, we came back to the office and wrote our reports, then went off to sleep.

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