Kathak with Maria Maurizia Costanzo

Maurizia stated learning kathak in 1980, under the guidance of Shri Buddhadeb Chattopadhyaya, a kathak dancer, pakhawaj player, dhrupad singer and painter from a well-known family of artists from West Bengal. In 1988, she was awarded a scholarship by the ICCR for training in kathak dance. She also learnt Hindi and Sanskrit and was given a scholarship to undertake a research on the literary aspects of dhrupad.  She researched on the Medieval Indian literary traditions in their relation to music and dance and performed dance choreographies based on dhrupad and on devotional songs deriving from different Indian spiritual traditions. Maurizia is now learning vocal music and gurbani kirtan compositions from her husband, Bhai Baldeep Singh, who is depositary of an acclaimed Kirtan tradition. Mother of two adolescent kids, she believes that music and the arts in general are an essential part of life and that artistic practice is a very important element in the process of education and in the development of a peaceful society.

To read Maurizia’s note and for viewing images from her workshop, you are cordially invited to visit the links below:

  1. Maria Maurizia Constanzo’s Note
  2. Images

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