The Proposal

Sat Kartar!
I am writing to invite your participation in a landmark project to be launched by the ANĀD  Foundation in the state of Punjab in India. The details of the project – the ANĀD  Conservatory – are given in the attached brochure from which you will see the size and scale envisaged. Briefly, our vision sees a field of tangible and intangible heritage, revitalized through creative and adaptive re-use of its ancient structures, a centre of activity for the revival of traditional wisdoms, and the quest for social, cultural, religious and economic equality.
Such magnitude calls for funds from many donors, and I hope that we may count on you for financial assistance of whatever kind you are able to give.
At the same time, I would like to establish the credentials and experience of the ANĀD  Foundation as the parent body of the ANĀD  Conservatory.
The ANĀD  Foundation was registered as a charitable trust with its office at C 26, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi – 110013 on March 14, 2008, as a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of culture, with particular focus on the preservation and perpetuation of the endangered intangible cultural heritage and traditions of South Asia.
The ANĀD Foundation’s mission is to establish institutions as a means towards facilitating the recovery and enhancement of the intangible (sukham virsā) and tangible (sthūl virsā) heritage of South Asia as a priority.
ANĀD has already set up ANĀD Archives and Research Center, a world-class audio-restoration studio in New Delhi, where a lot of rare archival recordings have been restored and preserved.
The ANĀD  Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprising distinguished Indians drawn from fields of public and private service and headed by Bhai Baldeep Singh, the Chairman and Founder. Specific areas – such as Arts and Literature, Conservation, and Audio Restoration – are supervised by a Board of Advisors who are all experts in these areas.
The ANĀD Foundation has set itself a number of objectives, among them the preservation  and documentation of all tangible and intangible, traditional forms of arts and culture;  the promotion of music by sensitizing lay audiences to the musical values in classical and folk traditions; the revival of the dying Rebābi kīrtan/music to restore this historic tradition to its pristine glory; researching and reviving the craft of making traditional musical instruments and their use, so as to propagate traditional forms and at the same time stimulate creative expression within the framework of the traditional forms.
Donations are income tax exempt u/s 80G vide order No DIT (E) 2008-2009/T-1184/1659 dated 5th September 2008 of the DIT(E) New Delhi.
As with all bodies of such nature, we are required to maintain audited books, undertaken by our Chartered Accountants, M/s RSAhuja Co. and audited by Gaurav Kapoor and Rupal Jain.
Such, then, is the context within which the ANĀD  Conservatory has been conceptualized, presented and accepted by the Government of Punjab, the key partner in the project.  However, there is clear need for financial participation from other agencies and donors, and this is why we are turning to you with the invitation to contribute towards the saving of a legacy for the future, and the establishment of unique and open institutions of learning.
Please do contact me should you need any further information.
With best wishes,

Bhai Baldeep Singh
May 15, 2009

Please click on the link below for a copy of The ANĀD Conservatory brochure :-

Anad Khand Brochure 23122011

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