AAS Study Programme Coordination Committee Meeting I & II

The ANAD Foundation, which is in the process of setting up Anad Khand, also known as ANAD Conservatory: An Institute of Arts, Aesthetics, Cultural Traditions and Developmental Studies intends to initiate an After-School Study Programme in Sultanpur Lodhi as part of its Developmental Studies agenda. A meeting convened by myself was held with a select group of concerned citizens at Qila Sultanpur Lodhi on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 to discuss the feasibility and to design the basic structure of such a programme. Nearly 30 retired and serving teachers and professors attended the meeting while celebrated Punjabi folk and Sufi singer, Hansraj Hans also participated. At this meeting the idea of starting the programme with the following four sections was discussed:

  1. Section A            Class 1 students: 4-7 years
  2. Section B            Class IV students: 8-12 years
  3. Section C            Class IX students: 13-14 years
  4. Section D            Class XI students: 15-17 years

A list of potential teachers to lead the Sections was identified and the need to form a Coordination Committee to manage the logistics and ensure the successful planning and implementation of the After-School Study Programme was acknowledged. It was suggested that this Coordination Committee could have at least two members drawn from each section and the following names were proposed:

Section A & B

  1. Master Des Raj
  2. Master Upinder Singh
  3. Master Charan Singh Habittpur
  4. Master Tarsem Singh

Section C

  1. Master Sohan Lal
  2. Sardar Gajjan Singh

Section D

  1. Principal Raminder Kaur
  2. Principal Karnail Singh

Section E

  1. Professor Upkar Singh
  2. Professor Malkit Singh

Images from AAS Study Programme meetings of September 7 & 23, 2011:

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