Bhai Baldeep Singh


Bhai Baldeep Singh is the ‘Renaissance Man’ of Punjab, India. He has compassionately dreamt & zealously worked towards a radical reclamation & transformation of the cultural landscape of South Asia. Descending from a long lineage of masters of Gurbāni Sangīt & social reformers, he has rendered the vintage etiquettes of Gurbani Kirtan with utmost ease & perfection. By personally intervening with the wisdom & profundity of a magical luthier, he has revived extinct musical instruments. Besides setting up a conservatory at Sultanpur Lodi, he has developed a comprehensive educative process & is recognised as one of the finest teachers.

The Percussionist

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Bhai Baldeep Singh is the prime exponent (khalifā or paggrį-naśhįn) of the oldest gharāna of classical percussions, pakhāwaj/mridang, of South Asia known as Sultanpur Lodhi – Amritsari Bāj (Punjab). In addition to being a custodian of numerous ancient compositions, he has also composed some of the most intricate pakhāwaj and tablā compositions.