Anād Kāv Sanmān 2007-8
Citation: Honouring Surjit Patar

Surjit Patar Ji, you have made a significant contribution to the advancement of Punjabi literary heritage by making Punjabi Poetry a companion of contemporary times.
The partitioned Punjab of 1947, people longing for social justice, oppression of women, migration of millions of Punjabis and induction of workers from outside Punjab, alienation of Punjabis from their land, environs, language and self-identity – are the themes which have found a voice in your poetry.
You have enriched and embellished Punjabi poetry by bringing it closer to the people. Your poetry is a sensitive expression and document of the joys, sorrows and aspirations of Punjabis.
As a recognition and appreciation of
your dedicated service to your mother-language Punjabi
Anād Foundation
today, Tuesday, the Eighth day of April the year 2008 AD
feels honoured in presenting you
Surjit Patar Ji
Anād KāV Sanmān
with gratitude

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