Vasant Valley School Class XI 3-week Internship 2012

Internship possibility at the Anad Foundation, New Delhi
May 2012

Please visit

The children would be based in the foundation’s guesthouse inside the five-acre Qila Sarai (ruin) at Sultanpur Lodhi, District Kapurthala, Punjab. The local police station is also housed inside the premises of the Qila. It is about 412 Kms from the school with the following travel options:

  1. By road (PDF attached with directions from Google Maps)
  2. Train – Shatabdi to Jalandhar and a subsequent 50 min. drive to the Qila.
  3. Air – Delhi Amritsar and a subsequent 70 min. drive by road (approx. 73 Kms).

Students with interest in the fields of Art, History, Sociology, Journalism, Architecture and Conservation would enjoy working on the project as it would involve:

  1. Photo mapping of motifs on the fort and haveli-s, brickwork and patterns, wood and metal work in the Sultanpur Lodhi and adjacent villages/towns.
  2. Measuring dimensions of selective tangible assets in the area.
  3. To gain understanding of vernacular architecture techniques.
  4. Audio-visual documentation including interviews of various subject experts with whom the students will have the privilege to interact with and learn.
  5. Restoration of 4 Charkhas with folk artist Mrs. Surjit Kaur Bhamra and polishing by Parminder Singh Bhamra. Learning traditional thread-spinning techniques on the restored charkha-s.
  6. Detailed logging of each days work.
  7. Students will collate all their learning in an illustrated booklet.
  8. Preparation of a power-point presentation on the 3-week programme.

The number of students will not be an issue.

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