Anād Audio-restoration Studio

The Anād Foundation owns one of the finest audio-restoration studio in the region which is equipped with a carefully assorted and custom built equipment including an ATR-102 reel-to-reel analog player with a 1/4″ 2tk/4tk switchable head and 1/2″ 2-track recording head, a custom refurbished Nakamichi CR-7 with Azimuth control audio cassette player/recorder and very high-quality (Transparent Audio) analog and digital reference cables, Weiss ADC2 AD convertor, etc. Since the 90’s, Anād has restored hundreds of recordings at times donating time and equipment for many rare private-owned archives whose owners could not otherwise afford an expensive audio-restoration process for their precious collections.

Anād also has a mid-size recording studio equipped with stereo-matched tube and condenser microphones from QTC, Schoeps, Charter Oaks (courtesy Mr. Michael Demming, MD at CharterOaks).

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