Manjit Kirpal Singh

Manjit Kirpal Singh was born in Rawalpindi (Punjab) on 22nd December 1932. She is the daughter of late Sardar Uttam Singh Dugal M.P. She is a graduate of Inderprastha College, Delhi. She married then Lt. Cdr. Kirpal Singh on 20th September 1953. They have three daughters and two sons, now in their fifties.
Her passion from an early age was music and dancing and she took part in several cultural performances. As her husband rose in rank in the Navy she took an active interest in social welfare activities for naval wives and their families.
When her husband retired from the Navy, she stood shoulder to shoulder with him in starting his business career. She looked after the company’s finances and administration, was one of its first executive directors and looked after the operations during her husband’s absence from station. She continues to be a part time Director of Dolphin Offshore.  She is a member of the Audit Committee of the company.

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  1. Kanwaljit Phoolka said:

    It’s good to read the partition account
    Can we share some common stories of mutual interest

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