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A mountain, my fellow beings, is not just that insignificant speck of dust, nay, lust at its shikhar (top), but courtesy those countless yet significant grains of soil and humility-dense solid rock that hold it atop.

Gurū Gaurav, celebrating the 350th birth anniversary of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh was curated courtesy of Bihar Government led by Sri Nitish Kumar, Honourable Chief Minister, Government of Bihar, Sri Shiv Chandra Ram, Honourable Minister, Art, Culture and Youth, Bihar, Sri Anjani Kumar Singh (IAS), Chief Secretary, Bihar Administration, with The Anād Foundation, New Delhi. Anād Foundation recognises the contribution of Sri Chaitanya Prasad (IAS), Principal Secretary, Department of Art, Youth and Culture, Bihar, and his team led by Sri Anand Kumar (IRS), Additional Secretary, and Sri Satyaprakash Misra (BAS), Director, Cultural Affairs, Bihar. For their logistical support this unique event would have been impossible to realise. Anād Foundation would like to acknowledge the extraordinary support extended by the Bihar Sangeet Natak Academy (BSNA), especially Sri Alok Dhanwa, Chairman, Sri Taranand Mahto Viyogi (BAS), Secretary, Dr. Vibha Sinha, Additional Secretary, and all staff members of the academy. Anād would also like to thank the residents of Patna for their heart-warmth  and courtesy as well as all volunteers who came along from across the country and from around the world to participate in this historic celebrations.

Thank you for your kind attention,

Bhai Baldeep Singh
Chairman, The Anād Foundation

Images that story-tell the advent of this event

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