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Lakha Khan Māngaņiár and Kachra Khan Māngaņiár

The Māngaņiár-s (Māngaņiār, Māngaņiyār) are a Muslim musician caste or community. They are descendants of the Khātī caste (also named Suthār, i.e. carpenters, carvers), who were converted into Islam during the time of the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb (reigned between 1658–1707). Rathors and Bhatis are the traditional jajmān-s (patrons, and clientele) of the Māngaņiár community who have protected their art for ages. Langā community instead, have Muslim Jajmān-s, At present, the Māngaņiár-s are mainly living in Jaisalmer, Barmer and Jalor districts of the Western Rajasthan.

Kachra Khan Māngaņiár, among the most important vocalists of his generation, was requested to lead the vocals. He was joined by the outstanding Sindhi-Sarangi exponent and vocalist, Lakha Khan, Ghewar Khan (Kamaicha), Feroze Khan (Dholak), Kheta Khan (Khartāl) and Dane Khan (Dholak).

(Text adapted from the upcoming album Kamaychā: The Lost Rabāb by Anad Record Private Limited)