6 thoughts on “Taus”

  1. Navpreet Singh said:

    beautifully crafted. Bhai Baldeep Ji, you have indeed put in great efforts in making this instrument of the Gurus. God bless you.

    bhai ji, i am learning tanti saaz since two years. i want to procure a taus now. how can i obtain one made under your guidelines in your design(model)?

    Navpreet Singh
    Sec-67, Mohali, Punjab, India

    • Thank you much Navpreet Ji!
      I would like to hear you play before making any comments – please inform me in advance if you make plans to visit Delhi with your instrument.
      Best wishes, bbs

  2. Navpreet Singh said:

    thank you very much baldeep ji. well… in two years what i have learned is that learning a tanti saaz is no less than a “tapasya”. i was very disappointed in the first year that its so difficult to learn a tanti saaz and that I wont be able to learn it. but now i feel that practicing day and night is the key.

    sir, i will be visiting Delhi in March. will you be available then?


  3. Greetings, I have been a western musician for 21 years and am just starting to learn to play Dilruba. My friend Hartej Singh from NJ pointed me to you as one of the most dedicated keepers of the cultural heritage of the times of our Gurus. I’m thinking about getting a Dilruba so I was wondering if you could suggest where to get a good one. I don’t have a huge budget but I like good quality instruments. I’m in Amritsar but I’ll be in Delhi in May. How can I contact you? I’m also interested in the recordings of Anād foundation, which I cannot get in my country (Chile).
    Thank you very much!

  4. Sukhjinder Singh said:

    Very nice saaz singh saab ji, je main khatidna hove kine da milega

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