Mayank Singh Bawa

Dr. Mayank Singh Bawa, Phd., has been an active partner at Anād since January of 2015. His contribution to the field of Computer Science – especially since his days computing his doctoral thesis – needs no introduction. He was named in the Forbes Young Innovator List of 2013 that features a joint profile with his co-founder at Aster Data, Tasso Argyros: An American Dream Story, With a Silicon Valley Twist.

With his proven knack at handling data, he has now been handling the Intangible Data of one of South Asia’s oldest cultural traditions at Anād! Since February 2015, all of our endeavours have been put under Anād Works, as suggested by him and this has had us all – staff and the team at Anād – quite occupied. That he has extended support at a time when he is extremely occupied with his new startup, Workspan – we have only felt honoured!