Qila Sultanpur Lodhi

The Anād foundation has chosen, for thematic reasons, the historic but severely vandalized ruin of Qila Sarai, Sultanpur Lodhi as the venue for setting up the first faculty of the Anād Conservatory: An Institute of Arts, Aesthetics, Cultural Traditions and Developmental Studies. This faculty will be dedicated to the study of music and arts and will eventually be the host to the Sultanpur Lodhi Philharmonic Orchestra which will use the instruments used in the presence of various Bhakti tradition saints, Sufi masters and Sikh gurus whose works are included in Gurbani.
Sultanpur Lodhi lost its political and commerce value after the British take over of the Mughal India had to make a diversion of the Grand-trunk road that originally brought extraordinary strategic importance to this town by making a bye-pass connecting Phillour to Jalandhar. Qila Sarai which was once hosted the most important dignitaries both political, cultural and religious was relegated down to being a location of local offices including municipal, judiciary, police among others. No care to conserve the historical heritage and cultural riches of this town were made which also had boasted the finest musical traditions both vocal and instrumental and handicrafts.
Ours is an attempt to make an all-round recovery of this town.

3 thoughts on “Qila Sultanpur Lodhi”

  1. B. Sawhney said:

    I recently visited the fort and was shocked to see the neglect and ruins of this magnificent monument .It was difficult to find this place as there were no signboards on the Kapurthala sultanpur road, and the local population also were ignorant about its presence or importance. All this is due to neglect of subsequent governments of Punjab since Independence. Its high time the tourism department take interest in restoring old historical and architectural monuments of Punjab, making them into beautiful tourist spots with proper literature and information and guides . Similarly, the Gobindgarh fort of amritsar should be restored as another important historical and tourist attraction of Amritsar.

  2. Arvinder Singh said:

    it is very nice that our culture is still exist
    But Punjab government doesn’t want to save it
    It can be great tourist place
    But sgpc and Punjab government are not taking interest in it


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