Raj M S Liberhan

Raj Liberhan, currently Director, India Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi, India, served in the Government of India’s financial services for thirty years, before moving to the non-governmental sector to head the IHC.
He has varied experience with a significant range of responsibilities at the senior level in government, public sector and NGO environments, building and sustaining organisations, programmes and missions with sector specific objectives and services.
His profile includes creating and sustaining economic and financial systems for large organizations, financial evaluation and negotiation of contracts, budget formulation and management, resource mobilisation and fund management; processing of project approvals vis-à-vis their feasibility, economic viability and funding patterns, monitoring their implementation, and identification and finalisation of organisations’ investments.
As Chief Executive of the India Habitat Centre, for the last fifteen years, he has helped create a unique institutional mechanism where various professions and institutions dealing with different facets of habitat function, interact, and attempt to resolve habitat related problems in a coordinated manner; and cooperate and collaborate with other national or international institutions.

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