Dr. Ajit Pradhan

Dr. Ajit Pradhan, a trained Cardiovascular Surgeon started Jeevak Heart Hospital at Patna in 1998. A public poll conducted by Hindustan Times in 2001 which adjudged him as the person who has made considerable difference to the State of Bihar by pioneering open heart surgery in Bihar.  

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Apart from his outstanding contribution in the field of health and medicine, Dr. Pradhan has been working relentlessly to revive the lost cultural heritage of Bihar. Dr. Pradhan established the Navras School of Performing Arts six years ago to usher a renewed era of cultural renaissance and revive the vibrant cultural atmosphere of Bihar. Over the last 6 years Dr. Pradhan under the Navras School of Performing Arts banner has organized 44 hugely successful concerts of renowned artists. Entrance to concerts are free.  Today Navras School of Performing Arts is recognized as the leading NGO involved in promoting Culture and the Arts in the state.

He is also credited for bringing Bihar in the National Literary arena by organizing the 1st ever Patna Literature Festival.  Deeply interested in Hindustani Classical Music and presently student of Hindustani Classical vocal, he also loves Horse Riding and is a keen Polo player.