Chairman’s letter to Vasant Valley School Internship Students


The internship attendees
Anmol Handa, Himmat Guram, Kavya Rai, Luigi Hari Tehal Singh, Uday Talwar and Wan Hee Ji

Friday 11 May 2012

Subject: Information regarding the upcoming Vasant Valley School’s summer internship programme with the ANĀD Foundation, New Delhi at Qila Sarai, Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala.

Dear Attendees,
I am glad to welcome you all to the 3-week (15 days) internship programme at the ANĀD Foundation. For the entire duration of the internship programme, starting May 20 through June 3, 2012, you would be based at the Qila Sarai at Sultanpur Lodhi, District Kapurthala, Punjab. I understand, that you are students with interest in the fields of Art, History, Sociology, Journalism, Architecture and Conservation. The internship programme proposes to involve:

  1. Photo mapping of motifs on the fort and haveli-s, brickwork and patterns, wood and metal work in the Sultanpur Lodhi and adjacent villages/towns. This will help the Foundation to help raise awareness so that the residents of the region become concerned and inspired to take up responsibilities for the conservation of all remaining tangible and intangible heritage assets. (This mapping is expected to become the basis for the formation of the local Sultanpur Heritage Advisory Committee proposed by the Anad Foundation).
  2. Measuring dimensions of selective tangible assets in the area. The old mosque inside Qila Sarai, the dilapidated Shahi Bridge and Hadira at Sultanpur Lodhi are proposed to be covered in this project.
  3. To gain understanding of vernacular architecture techniques.
    1. Note: 3 architects are expected to join the programme to sensitize you all and help.
  4. Audio-visual documentation including interviews of various subject experts with whom you will have the privilege to interact with and learn. These include 2011 State awardee cobbler-poet, Shri Amarnath Kaustubh, folk-artist Surjit Kaur Bhambrah and others.
  5. Restoration of four charkhas (spinning wheels) with folk artist Mrs. Surjit Kaur Bhamra and polishing by Parminder Singh Bhamra. You will learn the traditional thread-spinning techniques on the restored charkha-s.
  6. Sisters Karamjit Kaur and Renu Kaur will teach the art of dyeing the spun threads and weaving.
    Perhaps you could weave a 2 by 3 feet durree, frame it and present to the school 🙂
  7. You will make a detailed report of each day’s work and collectively collate your learning-s in an illustrated booklet. In the last session each day, you will sift out the most descriptive images, up to 10 images per day, with collectively authored foreword and captions. All of these summations could become the basis of an audio-visual presentation.
  8. The foundation is also planning to organize study tours to the Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory, Pushpa Gujral Science museum, Kapurthala Palace (which houses the Sainik School) and time permitting, even perhaps Hari-ke-pattan bird sanctuary.
  9. Filling up of grant application as an NGO, conceiving and curate events might also be included. As Anad marks its one-year at the Qila, we plan to organize a musical event on May 26, which you could help organize.

I am writing to you on behalf of the board members and friends of the Anad Foundation to thank you for choosing to attend this internship programme. A few more details will follow shortly.
You have my prayers and best wishes.
Warm regards,
Yours sincerely,

Bhai Baldeep Singh

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