Anad’s Technological Partners

Anād’s Belief
At The Anād Foundation, New Delhi, we believe that the finest cultural harvest of humanity must be responsibly identified, conserved but not as mummies or mere fossils, and documented using tools and technologies created by some of the most sensible and qualitatively uncompromising contemporary attendees who personify human excellence.

Anād Oral History Project —a perspective
We do this in our everyday life when we go out to purchase something that we require – be it food, fruits, furniture, apparel, music, paintings; or watch movies; or meeting people; or when we want to donate – be it money, be it part of our precious lifetime, be it expertise we have gained after decades of perseverance, or something tangible no longer in use that we have owned but too precious to trash. We sift, we discern. We do choose the finest fruits and vegetables, apparel that’d fit, furniture that’d attend to a particular requirement, music that we appreciate and enjoy, art that converses to our heart and mind through our eyes that are able to hear the heartthrob of the artist long gone.

There are millions of people out there in the world but what memory must we conserve for the benefit of our coming generations —some objective, some subjective? We need distinct tools that aid us in gaining an appreciation and evaluating from among the finest harvest of human endeavour, both past and present.

As specialist pro bono conservators dedicated fulltime to the conservation of the intangible and tangible heritage in a non-profit capacity, we need technological support from the concerned industry leaders under their corporate social responsibility. For, all of us mortals at Anād can only do as much, and cannot do it alone. On the other hand, our partners stand to gain by plugging in with Anāds vital conservation endeavours, which otherwise they may not be able to for dignity, pride and peace are your returns on investment (ROI) at Anād. For, we are addressing the need to care for and conserve, what I call, our collective human heritage and of which we all are joint stakeholders, both in their production today as well as in their destiny.

Anād Oral History Project Partners
The Anad Foundation gratefully recognizes the contribution of our following partners, who are some of the pioneers in their respective fields, in our vital endeavour(s) to salvage precious heritage including arts and culture:

Become Anad’s Technological Partners
We invite all pioneers and producers of high-end audio-visual equipment including cameras and recorders, computers and software as well as all distributors and suppliers to join us as our esteemed technological partner.

With best wishes,

Bhai Baldeep Singh
Founder and Chairman, The Anad Foundation