Walking through this collection of shabds is like travelling the halls of a magnificent mansion. Each door opens to a new world of experience, but I can’t stay there because the tour is moving on. Each door is an introduction to a new acquaintance and any one of them could become a new best friend.

One door opens to reveal the misery of the human condition, the sorry state of attachment and delusion. The next door reveals a beautiful bride, decorated in exquisite ornaments. One door offers a glimpse of Guru Arjan Dev himself, receiving the light from his father, Guru Ram Das. Another offers a vision of demons and snakes, the peoples of the world gathered under the branches of a single tree. More doors and more images appear– a funeral procession, a dance, lovers meeting on the path. One doorway is draped with a canopy of grace and underneath Ravidass joins Nam Dev, Kabir, Trilochan, Sadhana and Sain, to cross over to the other side.