Where is Sādh Sangat? Where is the community of those who love the Lord? Where are the servants who have left ego behind? Where are the ones who meditate on the Fearless One? Where are the ones who aren’t afflicted by sorrow? Where are the ones who don’t desire anymore?

Is the Sādh Sangat people or is there only One Sādhu? Is there a place to go to be with the Sādhu or is the Sādhu here and everywhere?

If Har is within each and every heart how can we be that for each other? Is sangat where ego is gone and instead of showing that self to each other we show the One within?

Is sangat what I get out of the encounter or is sangat what I give?

It is not easy to walk on the path. How do we help each other live in remembrance? How do we help each other remain in the sanctuary without sorrow, without fear, without desire? How do we stay in the shelter of love?

Does sangat have to feel good? Or is sangat sometimes a churning, a rubbing, a polishing, a challenge as I have to see myself through the eyes of truth that may reveal something I would rather leave hidden? Is sangat always like a velvety polishing cloth or can it be rough like sandpaper? Can the sandpaper be painful? If it hurts is the sandpaper to blame?

How many people is sangat? Can sangat be one? How about two? How about me and you?