I offer this, my first post here, with gratitude to Bhai Baldeep Singh for his encouragement, and to all who sing their beauty.

Says the drop of light:
Dying is not the hardest part.
Splintered by diamonds,
Scattered anew by morning dew,
I live, and I live again.

I have been the sunrise splashing
Oranges against the garden wall,
Surprising awake the yawning,
Stretching flowers in their little beds.
I lay all the summer through
In their budding, then bursting hearts.
And when the dancing ones fell,
We continued on together.

After shining into morning glory,
Dissolution may be
My most mischievous art;
Yet dying is not hard to do.
To the uncountable landscapes
Shimmering through translucent oceans
Of untold trillions of stars,
I say:
This love is inextinguishable.