Here are some mentions in the press of the Qila crisis:

Qila Eviction Photo I

Precious and historic relics including musical instruments, artifacts and manuscripts of religious significance, miniature art portraits of Bhai-s Avtar Singh and Gurcharan Singh, all illegally thrown out by the Sultanpur Lodhi Police!

Qila Eviction Photo II

Old Sandook, charkha-s and also a dilruba (1946-8) that Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi gifted to Bhai Baldeep Singh in 1988, all thrown out.

Qila Eviction Photo III

Dr. Virinder Kumar Phd., Vibhag Mukhi, Bhai Batan Singh Faculty of Musical Strings, was teaching Sitar, Dilruba and Rabab when the cops attacked the classroom and forced them to vacate the premises or face arrest!

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