Dear Sarpanch ji,
Sat Sri Akal!
I have a complaint. My cow is tied near the village dump “dher” and when I go to milk her in the evening, she is already been milked. After a few days of observation slyly, it has been that a pair of snakes living there milk her.
It is my humble request that strict, fast and effective action be taken. As I cannot, say or do anything to Naag Devta (serpent god), you please help me out.
I am scared and you are my last resort for justice. Bindu, the Nai (hair-dresser) and Sheela Jheer are also witness to this.

This is not a figment of imagination,
nor have I gone cuckoo.
It is not even a daydream of any sorts,
nor do I have a fetish for cows and buffalos.
My association with them is till the clean non-smelly milk I want for my beverages and my cereal. Villagers are a naïve simple lot. In fact superstition plays a major role in influencing their daily lives. With visits to the Pir Sahib‘s dargah every Thursday (customary), to light a chirag in the honor of the spirits, and with young unmarried girls leaving plastic dolls to find good matches. They also believe in the Khwaja who resides in the village chapar (pond) who if given daliya (broken porridge) fulfills wishes.

For the lot in my pind, it is these simple beliefs, the faith is so strong that it overrides all rationale thought. Try explaining, to them that all is superstition, a mind belief which is deep rooted, old and ancient, and they will shrug it off and say, ‘Biji, eh sab hunda hain,’ Bas, simple as that! You cannot go beyond that.

Maybe the snakes were escapees from a B-grade Bollywood movie and needed to spend time alone to live happily after. I mean all that trauma they go through in the movies, the thunder, the lightening, change in to human form and then never to consummate their love and to be separated as ill crossed lovers, this quiet and beautiful village is their refuge from life.