🙂 This entry comes with a warning beforehand, I apologize beforehand If I offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities.

We all live in a village. A village consists of people who are gentle, cultured and have the same sensibilities which the city counterparts have but with one difference. They are cruder and sometimes the words they use are not in the lingo of the society we live in. They are extinct or are part of a dying folklore.
Imagine, when a person walks up to the doorstep and says in chaste Punjabi, in all seriousness, no humor no joke, ”I have to go for a Bhadhan ceremony; I need money.’

My mother-in-law who is also the Sarpanch of the village came inside and repeated this. Well, what to say, I cracked up and could not stop laughing. It brings to my ears however small they might be and to my brain an image whereby there might be a cultural activity in my parts where there might be a farting ceremony.
Nothing as crude as this. Bhadhan is not farting; it is a mundan ceremony. It is not the passing of bodily gas, or flatulence and it is not used in the commonly vulgar way as set by the standards of the modern English world.
Bhadhan ceremony is where they shave off the male child’s hair at the age of 3.

Just read this with a pinch of salt and don’t squirm your pretty nose up; you ain’t Cleopatra you see. She had all the dibs in the world to turn her nose 😉