March 27, 2009
Today Signora Brazialiana Sadhu Kaur (Maria Fiuzza) asked me – “What is alāpa?”.

Alāpa is an expression,
easily the most ancient –
a moment of expressing.
It, is a thought, which can be silent at times – but in a sequence,
with its roots in the ineffable,
which is at the same time logical, obvious, natural
and hence like life
– be surprise-some at times,
a being where emotions come and go
but with a reason,
where rasas dwell such
that all states of life can be experienced
– from godly ethereal, mysterious and virtuous
to human mystic, passionate and vicious
to animal-like innocent, playful, naughty and distrustful,

at all times, musical,
in spite that most times
it happens outside of a musical paraphernalia!
bhai baldeep singh