Jori-Pakhawaj Santhya
August 20-27

Since the summer of 2012, each day a few music enthusiasts throng to the Qila and practice. The instruments are very many and of poor quality – they are hoping their Ustad will perhaps go sing and earn some to fetch a few instruments for them all – soon. There are parrots and owls living on the gigantic Neem trees inside the Qila who they fly out of the Qila each day – sing and fetch food and other necessities for their budding offsprings – Ustad will be doing nothing new!
The Ustad has the land to plough and hearts where to sow and irrigate. The instruments will come and they shall resound for the Anaadi baaj still thrives…
There is a Peahen atop the side kitchenette just outside the office, meditating and sitting for hours and hours atop the four eggs she laid days ago.
Guess the place is a grand womb already – Ustad will be doing nothing new!