Page 5. Daily Ajeet, August 23, 2012.

I hope you have been able to read, word by word, the article above. No offence meant nor, ahem, any polemics intended, but I could only find one or two kinds of Punjabi protagonists. There are more than one popular musicians but only less than one exponent of the classical traditions of Punjab. Or, is it that no one in ‘Punjab‘ or the erstwhile ‘Sapt-Sindhu‘ has ever served a classical legacy. Mere figureheads won’t do – for the questions raised “quickly include some blondie/pliable ‘dolls’ in the committee”. As an ex-brother-like of mine would often say, you need people who have theorized a field, or as I like to put it:
farmers’ are there who labour since the seeds?
and savour since the harvests one needs..!

Good bye, huh, luck Punjab.