On Thursday, December 6, 2012, Dr. Manbir Singh wrote (on my Fb wall): “Just see how much energy Guru has bestowed on Bhai Baldeep. He is always on the move, all over the globe, distributing whatever he has to offer. One can do only that much.”

Before I was an offer-er,
I was a beggar – a seeker
I begged desperately, I sought desperately
Wanderer was I
In search of and recovering
even the smallest of details
assets, ‘nukte’, ‘totke’ – the narratives
that would connect me with
the way it used to be
it ought to be.

All those walks, inadvertent at times
enriched me— for one
must deal in seeds from afore
must fill a bucket before
watering newer some sapling
praying for a harvest fine
—brought me to
the last story tellers, the last masters
they were simple people
ordinary people as if
rich with thunderous laughter
wit and humour so chaste
—they were rich people.

I lack though
an ability to paint
their portraits well enough
describe them apt…
For I saw them,
I know now
how it is to be endowed with
Kirpa – Grace
How it is not..!
It is a jungle out there
a wild one at that
everyone is a flower
a flower though
rare to come by.

I wander around still
for they have gone one by one
some flicker still in grace
in search of
but the doer has forgotten it seems
to sculpt such marvels yet some.
Where will I
see some
hear some.

bbs. 2012 12 07.
Natick Town, Commonwealth of Massachusetts