Prayers of pure praise.
Creator, Hukami, Doer of everything.
Amazing creation, sustainer, enjoyer.
Seer, giver, shelter, forgiver.
Throughout the universe, within all of it,
Obviously visible, secretly subtle.
Tuhi, Love, Amrit Nām
Dhan Dhano, Wāh Wāho
Har Hare

The placement of the bāni in these volumes is not random. After all of the shabds that describe the various aspects of the seeker’s journey, the vārs remind us that in the end, all of the songs and the journey they describe are really about the all-pervading ONE. The vārs don’t express the experience, the emotion, the challenges, the practitioner’s practice, the grace, or the distraction. The vārs simply praise the Source, poems of pure praise.

The final pauri given in rāga kānrā is a summation:

You Yourself siddha and sadhu, You Yourself yoga and yogi.
You Yourself taste and taster, You Yourself enjoyment and enjoyer.
You Yourself all-pervading, You Yourself do whatever will happen.
Sat Sangat, Satiguru Dhan Dhano, Dhan Dhan Dhano!
Those who meet, speak Har’s speech.
Everyone say with your mouth, Har Har Hare, Har Har Hare!
Speaking Har, all sins will be removed.

And artfully, in Gurbāni Sangeet, the final pauri comes to rest on the sum, at kharaj, the greh svar, the place of dwelling, reciting Waheguru.