Yesterday was an interesting day – started with an interview at FM 90.4 Avtar Radio Seechewal, then a drive back to hear a lecture/’concerts’ by an impersonator, but a few things happened later – a stab at the back and also my heart shattered into countless pieces. I guess it was high time – I needed these jolts.
I also recently learnt from artist Hardev Singh (via email), who visited Patiala recently, that he heard a rumour: one mechanic from Patiala or someone from his group is collaborating with a Tantric (black magician) to cast a spell on me and that I am to soon ‘attain’ a mental breakdown..!
The exact quote from Hardev Singh Ji’s email minus the name of the mechanic:

“…I heard rumours in Patiala that Bhai Baldeep is going out of his mind. It was mentioned that !@#$%^ or some one from his company had a tantrik put a spell on you etc etc.”


Can one spoil a spolit
Heart-break a heartbroken
Shake a shaken
Fool a fool?

I also happened to pass by to visit a place that takes a lot of pride in academic excellence and fairness. One foreign returned mechanic (FRM) albeit in temporary transit was introduced (in my presence) at this venue as having ‘revived’ the instruments. (In which case, I must have been hallucinating all these couple decades I guess!).
A fake instrument (hybrid at best) was even played – no one questions the sale of fakes as genuine – thus legitimized. No wonder these liars run their shops for they get enough customers – over eager takers!
Even this Patiala resident Desi Mechanic (DM) had rephrased himself in my presence in 2006 (the moment he had seen me in attendance), that they had actually gotten them made (immediately changed from “we have revived them”).
It is as if like a person who is declared dead – a johnny (me) comes along and revives that person – that entity. The revived person happens to be an ‘entertainer’ and resumes his/her visits to public places and forums. Each host begins to claim that they have revived the gentle-man/entity back to life. Such is the ridiculous story of (revival of) Gurbani (Gurmat) Sangeet.

I also learnt many things from this FRM – one at least, that all the great Gurbani Sangeet exponents who served the tradition of Gurbani Kirtan in the last many centuries have all been sinners!

There are no friends around – I can only hope that at least I do not betray the legacy of this field – idiots and jokers have come and gone. The waters of the tradition have continued to flow and they will as long as the One Wills…