In a meeting with Professor Sutinder Singh Noor, the then Vice-President of the Sahitya Academy and with Dr. Madal Gopal Singh it was decided that Shahryar should be invited to confer the 3rd Anad Kav Sanman, which was to conferred to brothers, Navtej Bharati and Ajmer Rode for their book, Leela.
My telephonic conversations with Shahryar eventually became lively. At the award ceremony, Professor Noor asked Shahryar Saheb to recite his poems and he was wonderful.
I will fondly remember the kind words that he showered me with after my short concert during which I had sung a few poems (for the first time).
Shahryar had particularly enjoyed meeting Zarminae who had compered the event that evening. There are many images but I am sharing a few with Shahryar.

Akhlaq Mohammad Khan urf Shahryar passed away on Monday, February 13, 2012 after a brief bout with cancer. May Allah’s blessings always be with him…