Bhai Nirmal Singh, a Hazuri Ragi at the Darbar Sahib Amritsar sings this composition live inside the inner sanctum but oof..!

Sunlight seen outside the door – R m P d N P, g m R S ..?!
R m P d perhaps make it seem like Raga Asavari or even Raga Jaunpuri but the combinations he is making seem like Raga Darbari (mostly). Only at 2:59 min marker he makes a R .n S R G m to make it seem like Raga Devgandhari. But clearly it show lack of actual learning of the raga – I am afraid 😦

And then the composition he sings is so close to what I composed and sang in 1992 at Jawaddi Kalan Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Darbar..! Is it a case of sheer coincidence..?

At 7:28 he even touches the tivra (sharp) G in the higher octave where even in dreams Devgandhari does not entertain – perhaps a slip of tongue…
He does it again in the subsequent stanza x-(
And again at 12:43 (bahur bahur – the first time)
Strangely, sometimes it is tivra gandhar and other times it is komal (flat third).

(Why am I even responding)…