Come listen and recite the bāni. Forgetting the Name and attached to other attachments, life is wasted. Make your unconscious mind conscious! Wake up!

Do we know how to wake up, how to become conscious? Do we even realize when we’re asleep?

What amazes me about all of these shabds is not only their musicality, the rich artistry of beautiful poetry, fascinating rhythms and powerful, sensitive melodies, but also the wisdom and guidance, the insight and spiritual direction contained within. There is good advice offered, do we choose to follow it, do we actually do it?

I met a beautiful new friend yesterday who described our tendency to get lost in the words and attached to the metaphor as “eating the menu”. Isn’t that what we do with the bāni? Like enjoying an elegantly presented menu in our hands we read the tantalizing descriptions of the dishes being offered. It’s great to know what’s on the menu, imagine the delicacies and marvel at the creativity of the chef. It doesn’t have to stop there. The menu is an invitation to place your order, have the experience.

Don’t eat the menu, sample the food! Eat a whole meal! Feel it nourishing every cell of your being. Relax and be satisfied.

The guru-chef shares the secret recipes so you can eat and enjoy at home, anytime you want to. The directions are given. Why not indulge?