November 2006 – His passing 6 years ago…

Bhai Avtar Singh playing the Taus I handcrafted for him.
Photo Sarabjit Babra 2005.
Direction Bhai Baldeep Singh.
Courtesy Anad Foundation.

A legend extraordinaire
—irreplaceable, unimaginable,
to whom a song
occurred every once in a while.

An honour it was to be a witness at times,
to be a participant in some,
when he would take-off skywards – vertical as if,
transcending far so beyond
his finiteness.
His smile then,
the glint in his eyes when

In remembrance
eyes when pour,
a heart so tore.

Ah! Wherefrom would one
get to hear
the songs of an eternal bloom?
The songs such
that he lives on
—he sings on…