Touch phones can be touching too...

Ma hasn’t called me since
the day before she breathed
her last – by ‘mistake’
I dialed her number…
I didn’t wait for her to
answer this time
Not because I didn’t expect
her to answer my call, rather for
What would I say if she asked
‘Son, what took you so long to call me since..!
I only breathed my last then
But I haven’t stopped
breathing since.!’

My Eyes had
a torn tear each
One churned by
My heart
The other
By my soul…

She was always a part of my journeys
Before I embarked upon, or
upon my returns
I would call her
It seems as if she
tele-ported herself to
wherever I was
to care for me
or just to be there
for me.

Now, all I have of
her is me.
She now lives with all the mothers
and fathers of the bloodlines
that run in my veins.
Each of those mothers and fathers have a task
Some specialize in cardio, others
neuro, ortho, and so on.
Sometimes they all work in silence
but most times they sing.
—always encouraging
—praying but,
never condoling for
there isn’t any reason for
there isn’t any dying
there hasn’t ever been a death.
The 1 life that Is.