For the second set of interviews, I was only a little more prepared than the first time, which I thought was a no-show, a near disaster actually, as far as the beginning and ending sequences were concerned. The change overs weren’t exciting either. Believe me, at one point I thought of just getting up and walking away from the set. Somehow, I didn’t. This time the ambit was interesting from laughter with both the artists to tears as Arushi so lovingly remembered her late mother. I wanted to tell her that even I have only recently realized what it is to lose ones mother.

I also think starting the show with a tribute to the contribution of Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan’s wife, Mehtab Begum, in his life was very powerful. His acknowledgement of her seva was indeed moving. Even I have an ancestor named Bhai Mehtab Singh, the father of Baba Tehal Singh who was also known as Bhai ‘Punjab’ Singh. I thought Ghulam Sabir Khan’s description of his three teachers and related demostrations – Ustad Rafique Ahmed Khan (grandfather), Ustad Siddique Ahmed Khan (father) as well as his maternal uncle and teacher, Ustad Sabri Khan – was fascinating.

Contents are usually fine when I am around 🙂 It is such a learning curve learning about artists and their work – young and elderly alike. Some with eventful decades behind and for others ahead.

Here are some of the images taken by Gurliv Singh, who was kind enough to accompany me to the Prasar Bharati studios.

DSC_7603 Edit

Walking in the corridor

DSC_7606 Edit

Even if the path may seem hazy initially, things do become clearer.

DSC_7607 Edit

Meeting the artists…

DSC_7608 Edit

Abdul Rehman, the tabla player.

DSC_7614 Edit

Getting wired up for sound check.

DSC_7622 Edit

Final checks before take off

DSC_7626 Edit

Crew monitoring the show

DSC_7655 Edit

Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan is a very fine soul indeed.

DSC_7658 Edit

I had particularly requested him to bring along his vocal student and am glad he brought along the promising Shaheb Hasan.

DSC_7660 Edit

I was glad with all that we touched upon…

DSC_7667 Edit

I was still wired so couldn’t get up to give him a hug for being so darn beautiful a man – generous a teacher.

DSC_7670 Edit

Insha’Allah, we shall meet again…

DSC_7679 Edit

Meeting with Kathak exponent Arushi Nishank.

DSC_7682 Edit

It is nice to see the young and vibrant as educated professionals in addition to being able art exponents.

DSC_7690 Edit

Me monitored.

DSC_7691 Edit

She monitored.

DSC_7702 Edit

Both monitored.

DSC_7707 Edit

My first first show was so horrible that even two notches better in the second got me an applause from the crew at the end..!

DSC_7714 Edit

They all said my ‘anchoring’ was a little better. See, I am not an ace in everything I do – I do mess up occasionally and these occasions do happen very often.

DSC_7726 Edit

Meeting the Additional Director General, Mr. B. M. Bakhshi IBPS with the programme producer Sushma Khan.

DSC_7731 Edit

Hugs and invitations to do more…