Sumandeep sent me this after reading my last post/poem:

This is what I did immediately after:

When I went spiral
in an unending nose-dive or
I do not know.

I do not wish to know
for I could still inhale
inhale deep within.
For my stomach was filled
so I inhaled deep within
the nectar
heart pounding
loudly steadily
then there it was
no fear but love
none alien
all in the compassionate
It was so tangible
so real
I could touch it
I could embrace it
only to realize that
I was touched
I was embraced
it was just a matter of grace…
just a matter of dhyan
just a matter of gyan
—thus I died.

Dedicated to Budhadeb and Christa Chattopadhyay. 2013. GNDU, Amritsar.

Unfinished but…
Dedicated to Budhadeb and Christa Chattopadhyaya. 2013. GNDU, Amritsar.