This is in wake of some unprecedented personal attacks on Bhai Baldeep Singh subsequent to one of his recent posts, “I await ‘world’ domination…” in which he raises concern with the caption of an image “The alliance is strengthened, building the forces to prepare for world domination”. It was referred to by him with a tinge of sadness. To some the caption is reminiscent of fascism, colonialism. The caption plays upon the amoral and, in the final analysis, even the immoral, ethic drained vision of global diplomacy where all alliances are alliances of convenience and, more often than not, only power-driven. The seeds of such alliances were initially sown much earlier during the Third Reich. The metaphor of ‘world domination’ is saddening even if the caption’s author intended it to be humorous. It is considered to be in extremely poor taste and/or even inhuman. It is further stressed that the idea of “world domination” is an immoral idea and that such a comment is noted and highlighted.

Bhai Baldeep Singh’s post elicited a torrent of abusive responses soaked in vitriol and sarcasm. It is also noted that save a couple of people none questioned the commentators about their use of language. It is also noted with sadness that the authors of the particularly abusive comments have not yet made a genuine apology and withdrawn their comments unconditionally. We feel it may have become important to remove some comments from Bhai Baldeep Singh’s post “I await ‘world’ domination…” for we, the blog administrators, must do editorial intervention to maintain etiquette. Attacking one’s family or abusing/calling names will not be tolerated.

To summarize, the blog administrators would like to enumerate the following things to people commenting on the blog:

  1. Personal abuse will not only be deleted right away but, in case it persists, reported.
  2. Attacks involving one’s family members for absolutely no provocation whatsoever are not only depraved but reflect a complete collapse of human dignity. This blog is most certainly not going to let such comments to deface its wall. It may be further noted that such comments can be liable to criminal proceedings.
  3. The blog remains open to all kinds of ideas including fiercely opposing and contrary views. This space is meant for free and fair discussion and it would remain the defining principle of our cultural / intellectual intervention. Even comments held trivial by the common concurrence of the cognoscenti, are welcome as long as these do not transgress bonds of human decency. 
  4. However, it will be greatly appreciated if the thread of ideas is persisted with and the debate furthered in meaningful, even if irreconcilable, directions. This indeed is the paramount concern of the blog.