Well well, what a day it was! I finally met the criminal SHO Harpreet Singh still unreprimanded, uncensured – still wearing the Punjab Police uniform that he and his staff disgraced so brutally!
All of this at the State Commission office where we had our date today. The commissioner in whose court this case was put up (not in my control) goes by the name of Sri Nidharak Singh Brar – an Akali Dal (Badal) plant in the Commission to look after the party’s interest —according to the public perception about him that I got to learn over the last few days.

I had met him on September 23, 2015, when the Sultanpur Lodhi SHO’s office did not send anyone due to some miscommunication. But I had driven all the way from Delhi and made it on time for my first meeting at Mr. Brar’s office. He was quite enthusiastic and wanted to speak about politics – AAP related of course – he had mentioned how he had never liked the look of Arvind Kejriwal and asked me how a person of “your standing get taken on mere face value!” My response had been simple and something like, “I do not call spade until I see one!” And that my issues are about solutions and principles – anyone who augurs well for my Punjab, I will support as I have done in the past. Anyway. He mentioned how he was more aligned with the Tohra camp than the Badal camp within Akali Dal. But this (knowledge or clarification) hardly mattered. Overall, he seems to be a nice fella.
Meeting him had given me confidence that he will be unbiased as he had claimed to have a lot of respect for my work. I had already been advised by experts, who were fully aware of his political leanings, and planned to submit a request for a larger bench instead of a single bench at the Commission but given his demeanour, I had chosen to hold my cards for the time being.

Today, it was very clear that there had been a back door lobbying by the estranged former Akali Dal finance minister who has been extremely jealous and afraid of my presence in Sultanpur Lodhi area. That person has singlehandedly placed a dark blot on the very legacy of the current Chief Minister for this (Anad Conservatory project) is not just about a fancy music school! And I had asked the honorable Chief Minister in my meeting of August 12, 2015, “is there anyone who can actually quantify the damage this lady has caused to your legacy?” This former minister and her advisors have succeeded in gifting Sardar Parkash Singh Badal a horrific name when the attempts made to usher in an era of Punjab’s cultural resurgence. The rejuvenating effects of Anad Foundation’s endeavour and labour have only been delayed. This minister or any state administration – be it Congress, Akali or anyother – is too small a fry to destroy the cultural traditions of Punjab. They can humiliate its protagonists and impede but they cannot change the course —they simply aren’t just mighty enough!

Today, Mr. Brar showed his bias. He wanted to finish this matter off and solicited that we accept the crappy response that the SHO had written to us weeks ago. The SHO incidentally apologised to me for any hurt “inadvertently” caused! I told him that although I appreciate that he had apologised to me that but that “yours will have to be a public apology and to the students, staff and faculty of Anad Foundation/Conservatory all of whom you have left mentally and physically traumatized!”
I think his apology was also stage managed and I am glad, in retrospect, that I reject it outright.

I have given to the Commissioner a rebuttal drafted by the team of advisors at Anad Foundation to the RTI response sent to us by the lawbreaker SHO but given the display of the bias shown by the commissioner’s office, I will be now moving a motion to request to the State Commissioner to invite the next hearing of the matter in front of a larger bench. This, upon considering the gravity of the matter.

I told the honorable commissioner that I had heard about it or seen in movies, but today I had seen for the first time in person, a uniformed police official lying!

The fact of the matter remains – the cops and the Akali Dal politicians have only lies that they can come up with, I will face them all with facts and truths! Our “adversaries” have shown no spine to undo the wrongs so unlawfully committed – we have resolve and resilience quite some, and means to rebuild Punjab once again!


The first thoughts upon returning back to Delhi after attending the RTI appeal related meeting held at Chandigarh.